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9/30/2009 : Colombia and Ecuador say aim to re-establish ties

Colombia and Ecuador said on Thursday they will open talks next month aimed at re-establishing diplomatic ties that were broken by Quito last year after Colombian forces bombed a rebel camp in Ecuador.

9/29/2009 : Church admits difficulties in hostage release process

Colombia's Catholic Church acknowledged that difficulties have arisen regarding the ongoing release process of two hostages, reported news station Caracol Radio on Monday.

9/28/2009 : FARC demand guarantees before liberating two soldiers

The main Marxist guerilla group in Colombia announced on Sunday that it would release two kidnapped soldiers, as had been promised in April, but it first demanded that the government give clear, public guarantees to facilitate the liberation.

9/27/2009 : The Catholic Church in Colombia is hopeful that the guerilla movement will free more hostages

The Catholic Church in Colombia declared on the 26th of this month that it had high hopes that the guerilla movement would release additional hostages to the two it had earlier promised to release without delay.

9/26/2009 : Colombian mass graves discovered

Two mass graves connected to Colombia's decades-long internal conflict have been found, officials say.

9/25/2009 : Ingrid Betancourt appeals to FARC to free hostages

Former Franco-Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt called on the FARC guerrilla group to free all the prisoners it is holding in the jungles of Colombia.

9/24/2009 : 'Mister President, I want to be free': FARC hostage tells Uribe

The FARC released a video of hostage Pablo Emilio Moncayo, a hostage for 12 years whose announced release has been deadlocked since May over a disagreement between Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and the rebels.

9/23/2009 : French Canadians to honor Betancourt

Colombia's most famous former hostage, Ingrid Betancourt, will receive a medal in the Canadian province of Quebec Wednesday.

9/21/2009 : Paramilitary Members Face Justice in Murders of Two Colombian Union Leaders

Eight long years after Colombian trade union leaders Valmore Locarno Rodriguez and Victor Hugo Orcasita Amaya were assassinated, those directly responsible for these heinous crimes are being punished.

9/20/2009 : Colombia softens stance on rebel hostage releases

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe agreed on Saturday to rebel demands that they be allowed to free hostages one at a time rather than all at once, a reversal in government policy that could speed up releases.

9/19/2009 : Ingrid’s solidarity

One ex-captive arrived in Paris on August 1st. He was accompanied by John Frank Pinchao, an ex-hostage who had escaped at an earlier date and who had subsequently been able to relate news of the French-Colombian some months before her rescue from captivity. Pinchao is soon due to begin his studies at the Institue of Political Studies (IEP) in Lille.

9/18/2009 : ‘The hostages are still in limbo and it is the fault of the government’ : Samper

Ernesto Samper, ex-president, is pessimistic about the lot of those kidnapped by FARC, and he believes that their fate is in limbo as a result of the intransigence and lack of humanity of the government.

9/17/2009 : Leaders Criticize Colombia Over U.S. Military Pact

Left-leaning South American leaders criticized Colombia on Friday for agreeing to allow the United States to increase its military presence on Colombian bases.

9/16/2009 : Children still dying of hunger in Colombia.

The vista of child malnutrition in Colombia is dreadful according to a recent report which estimates that 15,000 children die each year from illnesses associated with a lack of food.

9/15/2009 : The UN condemns the forced displacement and the recruitment of minors in armed conflict.

Radhika Coomaraswamy, a spokesperson for the United Nations, condemned today the suffering endured by children as a result of armed conflict saying children are affected by forced displacements and are recruited as soldiers. Her report deplores the fact that no action has ever been taken against these groups among which are included the National Liberation Army (ELN) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- Peoples Army (FARC-EP).

9/14/2009 : Colombia and the scandal of ‘false positives’

The scandal of ‘false positives’ came to light following revelations that emerged at the end of 2008 which accused the Colombian army of having assassinated innocent civilians and passing them off as guerrilla fighters killed in combat, as part of the war currently being waged in the country.

9/13/2009 : News from Hell

SEMANA newspaper and Radio Caracol have come together so that the proofs of life of the 10 soldiers and policemen, revealed last week, can be used as a support in a campaign promoting a search for a solution to the distressing problem of kidnapping.

9/12/2009 : France’s offer to accept ex-rebels still stands.

Jean-Michel Marlaud, France’s Ambassador in Colombia repeated today that France was willing to accept ex-rebels as a way of helping that country to advance efforts towards peace.

9/11/2009 : Oxfam demands zero tolerance of Colombian sex crimes

In its new report 'Sexual Violence in Colombia: Instrument of War', Oxfam says that every armed group in the country, from government security forces to paramilitary groups and guerrillas, use sexual violence as a weapon to intimidate and terrorise women.

9/10/2009 : Assassination of yet another worker affiliated to a trade union

A trade union condemned this Wednesday the assassination of an agricultural engineer who was killed the previous day in the central region of Colombia. The engineer was in the final stages of joining their organisation which is the largest trade union in the country where 27 trade unionists have been assassinated since the beginning of the year.

9/9/2009 : The UN representative in Colombia accuses FARC of crimes against humanity

Christian Salazar, the UNHCR representative in Colombia has accused FARC of committing crimes against humanity by detaining a group of Colombian military and police personnel.

9/8/2009 : The Colombian Army confiscates FARC hostages’ “proofs of life”.

The Colombian Army arrested an alleged member of FARC and confiscated “proofs of life” of at least 10 members of the Colombian Armed Forces kidnapped by the rebel group, military sources announced Monday.

9/7/2009 : The silent killing of indigenous people in Colombia

The indigenous people of Colombia are victims of a fight for their land and its resources. This fight that uses terrorist means, is carried out against a defenceless people, against rural people as well as Afro-Colombians. All parties are involved, including the State.

9/6/2009 : Gustavo Moncayo arrived in Bogota and had himself crucified symbolically

The father of Corporal Pablo Emilio Moncayo who has been held for nearly 12 years by FARC, arrived today in Bogota after a 100 km walk. He had himself crucified in a symbolic manner on a bamboo cross that he carried on his long walk.

9/5/2009 : FARC offer to release 24 hostages still held by them

Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba revealed today that FARC would be willing to hand over 24 policemen and military hostages held by them, as long as the Colombian government led by Alvaro Uribe, agrees to a humanitarian exchange.

9/4/2009 : Hostage's father plans to crucify himself in Plaza Bolivar

In order to draw attention to the long-ignored plight of his son held hostage by FARC, Professor Gustavo Moncayo plans to crucify himself in Plaza Bolivar, Bogota.

9/3/2009 : Colombian lawmakers pass Uribe re-election bill

Colombian lawmakers passed a bill on Tuesday aimed at allowing President Alvaro Uribe to seek a third consecutive term if the conservative U.S. ally chooses to run for re-election next May.

9/1/2009 : Colombian hostage videos emerge

Colombian rebels have released videos of nine kidnapped soldiers and police officers, who appeal to the government to negotiate their release.

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