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9/13/2007 : Colombian authorities identify bodies of dead legislators

An international group of experts in Colombia identified the bodies of nine of the 11 regional legislators killed in June while they were hostages of leftist rebels.

9/12/2007 : World's most wanted drug-trafficker captured in Colombia dressed in underwear, T-shirt

Diego Montoya fought his way to the top of Colombia's bloody drug trafficking industry only to meet a humiliating end: in a pre-dawn raid, troops found him hiding in bushes clad only in a T-shirt and underwear.

9/11/2007 : Colombia rejects Chavez' proposal for jungle meeting with rebels

Colombia on Monday rejected a proposal by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to travel to rebel-controlled jungles to broker a prisoner exchange to free three U.S. defense contractors and dozens of other hostages.

9/10/2007 : Bodies of Colombian lawmakers killed by rebels found in mass grave

The bodies of 11 former regional legislators held hostage for years by Colombia's largest rebel group and killed in June have been found in a mass grave, news media reported Tuesday.

9/10/2007 : Dutch woman appears in video asking family to forgive her for joining Colombian rebels

A young Dutch woman, wearing combat fatigues and trekking through the jungle, has appeared in a video broadcast on local television pleading with family members to forgive her for joining Colombia’s largest rebel group.

9/9/2007 : Hostage, but to whom?

IN HIS first term as Colombia's president, Álvaro Uribe set his face against any negotiation with the country's left-wing FARC guerrillas, arguing that they had to be militarily weakened before they might talk seriously about peace. In particular, he rejected the FARC's calls for a “humanitarian accord”, its Orwellian term for swapping the better-known of its kidnapped hostages for dozens of jailed mid-level guerrillas. But in a startling about-face, Mr Uribe has invited Hugo Chávez, the leftist president of neighbouring Venezuela, to try and broker a deal.

9/7/2007 : As talks loom, Colombia rebels shun terror label

Colombia's FARC rebels asked foreign governments to reconsider branding them a terrorist group as the international community seeks to negotiate an accord to free hostages held for years in rebel jungle camps.

9/6/2007 : French and Colombian foreign ministers meet for talks on Colombian hostages

The French and Colombian foreign ministers, meeting in Paris on Tuesday, discussed recent efforts to secure the liberation of hostages held by leftist rebels in the South American nation, the French Foreign Ministry said.

9/2/2007 : Chavez plans Colombia hostage talks

Venezuela's president has said he plans to meet Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia fighters in an attempt to arrange the release of hostages held by the group. "It is the first time I see there could be a small light at the end of the tunnel," Juan Carlos Lecompte, Betancourt's husband, said ahead of Chavez's announcement.

9/1/2007 : Hugo Chávez: a peacemaker in Colombia?

Hugo Chávez, the president of Venezuela, is paying a surprise visit to Colombia this week. His aim is as remarkable as it is ambitious: to strike a deal with the FARC guerrillas and secure the release of the hostages they are holding in the rain forest.

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