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10/30/2006 : Seventh journalist forced to flee since start of the year, two others threatened by suspected paramilitaries

Sánchez is the seventh journalist to have to flee the region where they work in Colombia since the start of the year. Exactly when he left Cartago and where he has gone is being kept secret.

10/29/2006 : Colombia's FARC reaffirms willingness to negotiate prisoner swap

Farc on Saturday reaffirmed its willingness to negotiate a swap of hostages for imprisoned rebels, but did not say whether it was behind a recent car bomb in the capital that prompted the government to break off talks. However, echoing the doubts of many Colombians who fear Uribe blamed the FARC without compelling evidence, it harshly derided security forces that it said regularly "plant bombs and then blame the FARC, impeding any political solution to the armed conflict."

10/27/2006 : Alvaro Uribe, President of Colombia is offering a reward of two million dollars for any information about hostages held by Marxist rebels, FARC.

“We took the decision to offer several rewards, five million pesos, (2.1 million dollars or 1.7 million Euro) to any person who can help us find the kidnap victims in the country”, declared Uribe who was in the port of Buenaventura on the Pacific coast.

10/26/2006 : Colombia kidnap families urge Uribe to hold talks

Chanting "no to rescue by blood and fire," families of people kidnapped by Colombian rebels rallied on Tuesday to demand the government hold talks on their release rather than send in troops to rescue them.

10/24/2006 : Colombia ups police presence in rebel area

Colombia strengthened its police presence in rebel territory over the weekend after ruling out talks and threatening force to free hostages, including three U.S. defense contractors, held by the insurgents.

10/22/2006 : Betancourt Committees warn against armed intervention to free hostages in Colombia

The International Federation of Committees for Ingrid Betancourt appealed to European leaders to ensure that the government in Bogata does not resort to force in an effort to free the captives.

10/20/2006 : Colombia's president blames rebels for car bombing, closes door to prisoner exchange

President Alvaro Uribe on Friday withdrew his offer to negotiate a humanitarian prisoner exchange and declared that "the only option left is a military rescue,".  "The president's speech condemns to death the kidnapped hostages," said a weeping Yolando Pulecio, mother of Ingrid Betancourt

10/4/2006 : Colombia's Uribe says willing to meet with rebels

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said on Tuesday he was willing to hold peace talks with the country's Marxist rebel leaders, a softening of his stance against guerrillas fighting a 42-year-old insurgency.

10/3/2006 : Colombia group sets conditions for talks

Latin America's oldest and strongest guerrilla group on Monday set conditions for proposed peace talks with President Alvaro Uribe's hard-line government, calling for "clear guarantees" from the government on a prisoner swap.

10/2/2006 : FARC, Colombian government agree on hostage-prisoner exchange

"We are prepared to meet government representatives in a demilitarized zone", said a spokesman for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC). "Many other things" could perhaps be raised as part of these talks and the years of suffering of many families could be brought to an end, said FARC commander Paul Reyes.

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