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Expo Colombia 2010: Colombia in 18 panels

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11/30/2010 : Wiretap victims sue Uribe for crimes against humanity

Victims of illegal wiretapping by Colombia's state intelligence agency DAS on Monday sued former President Alvaro Uribe for crimes against humanity, as they say he is responsible for the scandal.

11/26/2010 : Uribe supports political asylum investigated spy chief

Colombia's former President Alvaro Uribe on Tuesday expressed his support for his former intelligence director's political asylum in Panama.

11/22/2010 : Panamanian asylum for former intelligence chief an “insult to DASgate victims”

Reporters Without Borders is outraged to learn that Panama has offered political asylum to María del Pilar Hurtado, a former head of Colombia’s leading intelligence agency, the Administrative Department of Security (DAS). Hurtado is due to go to the Panamanian consulate in Bogotá today to receive documents allowing her to travel to Panama.

11/21/2010 : Ecuador denounces FARC recruitment of minors

Ecuadorean army commander General Ernesto Gonzalez denounces the recruitment of Ecuadorean minors into the ranks of Colombia's FARC guerrilla group, reports Caracol.

11/19/2010 : Concern over arrest of pregnant human rights defender in Colombia

Amnesty International today expressed concern at the arrest of a heavily pregnant human rights defender in the north-eastern city of Bucaramanga on 16 November, on charges of having links with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

11/15/2010 : Colombia has the highest number of displaced people in the world


Most displaced persons head to countries bordering Colombia, mainly, Ecuador and Venezuela.

11/13/2010 : 38 Colombian unionists killed this year

Colombia's Confederation of Workers (CUT) on Thursday reported that the number of trade unionists who have been murdered in 2010 has risen to 38.

11/12/2010 : Betancourt: I was treated worse than Escobar

Ingrid Betancourt, a former presidential candidate who was held captive by the FARC for six years, accuses Colombia of treating her "worse than a criminal" since she was rescued in 2008, La Nacion reported Thursday.

11/10/2010 : Over 10,000 unidentified bodies found in Colombia

A survey to determine the number of unidentified corpses found by authorities in Colombia has returned a count of 10,084 so far, with more than half of the country's municipalities yet to report their figures, reports El Espectador.

11/4/2010 : Colombia Suspends 7 in Military After Children's Killings

Colombia’s army has suspended seven officers and soldiers for failing to control their troops in connection with the brutal murders last month of three impoverished children near Colombia’s northeast border with Venezuela.

11/3/2010 : Relatives of 'false positive' victims campaign in Europe

The "Mothers of Soacha," a group representing relatives of Colombian civilians killed by the army, on Tuesday began a tour of Europe to gather support for their demand for justice, reports Finanzas.

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