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Cordoba seeks help from Mexico and Dom Rep in hostage negotiation

11/7/2009 - Las voces del secuestro, Colombia Reports

Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba on Wednesday sought the help of Mexico and the Dominican Republic in negotiating the release of hostages held by FARC guerrillas.

The Senator and Nobel Peace Prize nominee announced that the Colombian peace movement requested the support and collaboration of the Mexican and Dominican governments to assist in the release process of 24 soldiers currently held captive by the guerrilla force, reported newspaper El Espectador on Wednesday.

According to Cordoba, Colombia's former President Ernesto Samper had already made "the first steps" towards seeking support from the governments of Mexico and the Dominican Republic and she emphasized that this process "is a door that could also boost the political decisions of Alvaro Uribe [Colombia's current President]."

At present, the FARC have 24 soldiers and policemen held hostage in Colombia, several of whom have been captive for some 11 years.


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