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11/30/2008 : Ex-hostage Ingrid Betancourt returns to Colombia: diplomat

Former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt is returning to Colombia for the first time since commandos rescued her from guerrillas after six years of captivity, a diplomatic source told AFP on Saturday.

11/29/2008 : Colombia leads rallies demanding hostages' release

Thousands of people in Colombia, France and Spain turned out Friday to urge Colombian rebel group FARC to free hundreds of hostages, five months after they released Ingrid Betancourt, who fears other captives are being forgotten.

11/27/2008 : Colombia's 'Victims Law' is discriminatory

A draft law in Colombia aiming to grant reparation to victims of the country's 40-year conflict has been called "discriminatory" by Amnesty International.

11/26/2008 : '2,800 still held hostage in Colombia'

At least 2,800 people are currently being held hostage in Colombia, the País Libre (Free Country) Foundation, an organization defending the well being of hostages in the country, said Monday in a communique.

11/24/2008 : Ingrid Betancourt meets support committees in Paris

After time spent with her family and following several trips abroad, Ingrid Betancourt met members of the many committees who had mobilised so much for her and her fellow hostages since 2002.

The 200- seater conference room was packed. The participants, the majority of whom were members of FICIB, (International Federation of Ingrid Betancourt Committees) came from France, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Albania, and Tahiti.

11/21/2008 : Alarm at trade unionist murders toll

More than 90 trade unionists were murdered in 2007 while defending workers' rights, according to a report released today.

The International Trade Union Confederation (Ituc) said 39 unionists lost their lives in Colombia, which had the highest mortality rate among its members.

11/15/2008 : Cuba's Fidel Castro censures Colombia's FARC for hostage-taking

Fidel Castro offers both praise and criticism for late Colombian rebel leader Manuel "Sureshot" Marulanda in a new book published Thursday.

11/14/2008 : Paramilitary issue death threats to students of the National University

A paramilitary group known by the name “Aigles Noirs”(“Black Eagles”) and members of “Bloc Capital”(another paramilitary group) have sent a message to several members of the Law Faculty in the National University in which they issue death threats to at least 32 students and professors accusing them of belonging to rebel forces.

11/12/2008 : Betancourt asks Obama to march for hostages

Former hostage Ingrid Betancourt called on U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to join the November 28 march in support of the hostages by illegal armed groups in Colombia.

11/10/2008 : Obama's election poses problems for Colombia's leader: analysts

The triumph of Barack Obama in the US presidential election could cause problems for Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, whose country is increasingly under scrutiny for human rights abuses, analysts said.

11/8/2008 : U.S. says no aid for Colombia army units in scandal

Three Colombian army units will no longer be allowed to receive U.S. military aid after some of their soldiers were implicated in executions of civilians, a U.S. official said on Thursday.

11/6/2008 : Bienvenido a Colombia Don Barack

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe and the hawks in his cabinet may feel some pressure from Obama. They have enjoyed an almost unconditional support from Uncle Sam and the American tax payer which, definitely after warnings made by U.S. ambassador to Bogotá William Brownfield, may be diminished if not cut completely.

11/5/2008 : HRW director strikes back at Uribe

Human Rights Watch director Jose Miguel Vivanco rejected Colombian President Álvaro Uribe's criticism on him, saying Colombia annually has more human rights violations than happened during 16 years of general Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile.

11/4/2008 : Colombia army chief resigns amid scandal

The commander of Colombia's army resigned abruptly Tuesday in a widening scandal over the killing of scores of civilians, allegedly spurred by promotion-seeking officers to inflate rebel body counts.

11/2/2008 : Illegal killings by army seen widespread in Colombia

The widespread and systematic killing of innocent civilians by Colombian security forces must be investigated by the government or else the international courts could intervene, the United Nations said Saturday.

11/1/2008 : Memorial service in Mitu

Today, three policemen will begin their ELEVENTH year in FARC hands… Their captivity reminds us of a tragic event.

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