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11/30/2004 : One woman bears testimony to the violence experienced in Colombia

In Colombia, like in Afghanistan, Liberia, the Ivory Coast, women and young girls are victims of rape, torture, slavery etc in ways beyond the imagination, an official member of the United Nations has reported.

Even if efforts have been made to take into consideration gender issues in the peacekeeping missions, progress remains slow. Rape is increasingly being used a weapon of war and the peacekeepers themselves have sustained unacceptable abuse. For this dramatic situation to cease, members of the United Nations recommend a marked increase in the representation of women in all aspects of conflict management, peacekeeping, the process of building peace and humanitarian responses to be made to emergency situations.

11/29/2004 : The paramilitarisation of Colombia

Since the fifties, paramilitaries have existed in Colombia, like many countries in Latin America, but the current version of para-militarism stems from drug trafficking. In fact the Medellín cartel created the arrangement of armed Muerte a Secuestradores (MAS) [Death to kidnappers] in 1982, in order to pursue guerrillas and members of their family...

11/26/2004 : We feel we are orphans

In the German newspaper "Die Welt", an interview with Astrid, Ingrid Betancourt's sister, by Jochen Hehn.

11/25/2004 : Colombia greenlights extraditions

A Colombian court approved the extradition to the United States of one of the South American nation's most notorious paramilitary leaders on drug smuggling charges. In a separate ruling, the Supreme Court of Justice approved the extradition of Ricardo Ovidio Palmera Pineda, known as Simon Trinidad, on narcotics-trafficking charges. He is a leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, the country's largest left-wing rebel group.

11/23/2004 : Bush Praises Colombia's Battle Vs. Drugs

Under a security web of warplanes, ships and 15,000 troops, President Bush praised Colombia's battle against drugs and Marxist guerrillas Monday and pledged to keep U.S. aid flowing so ``this courageous nation can win its war against narcoterrorists.''

11/22/2004 : "A Road Map for peace in Colombia"

In the "Colombia Journal", a "Road Map for Peace in Colombia" is presented in the hopes that its content might prove of some usefulness in helping the Colombian people formulate their own plan for attaining a just peace in their country.

11/21/2004 : "We must fight on" !

YESTERDAY, on the occasion of the thousandth day of captivity of Ingrid Betancourt, kidnapped by the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (Farc), on 23 February 2002, several hundred people demonstrated at place du Trocadéro in Paris, at her daughter’s appeal. Among the crowd there were several public figures, including Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris, and his first deputy Anne Hidalgo or again the writer Marek Halter. Mélanie, her 19 yr old daughter, does not wish to give up hope.

11/19/2004 : Today, 1,000 days

On Friday, in Bogota, and in several other capitals, one thousand trees will be planted to commemorate the thousand days of captivity of the Franco-Colombian Ingrid Betancourt whose chances of early release seem increasingly more uncertain.

11/17/2004 : Statistics decrease, but Colombia remains #1 country in the world for kidnappings

Although the official figures of the number of kidnapped decreased this year - what the government attributes to the policy of "democratic safety" of president Uribe - Colombia continues to hold the sad world record in this field.

11/16/2004 : Freedom for the hostages ? chances are slim !

11/15/2004 : Police captures paramilitary and guerilla leaders

The Colombian authorities continue their operations against the chiefs of the illegal armed groups, as well against those of the right-wing "self-defence", as against those of the leftist guerrilla .

The authorities announced the capture of Norbey Trivino, supposed chief of front15 of the FARCs,  who kidnapped Ingrid Betancourt in 2002.

This 19 November, Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas will pass their thousandths day in captivity, and this is why actions are organized in several of the 1.200 cities in the world which named the ex candidate "Citizen of Honor".

11/14/2004 : Civil Society request a humanitarian agreement

11/13/2004 : Chain saw massacre by right-wing paramilitaries

A group of 250 Colombians, of which at least a hundred children, took refuge in frontier villages of the Republic of Ecuador to escape attacks from the AUC paramilitaries, after three inhabitants of their village were killed by guns or massacred with chain saws.

11/12/2004 : Colombia says it's winning vs. rebels

11/11/2004 : Uribe : "accepting  Farc's proposal would demoralize the Army"."

The president of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, refused today again the application of the guerrilla of Farc to demilitarize an important zone to release kidnapped, because that would "legitimate terror" and "demoralize the Army".

11/10/2004 : Karski Award for Ingrid Betancourt

The event was co-hosted by Mr. Jean David Levitte, French Ambassador in Washington, D.C. and Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno, Colombian Ambassador in Washington, D.C.

It is the hope of the Foundation that this event will lead to her release as well as the other political hostages in Colombia.

The mission of the Foundation for Moral Courage is to highlight acts of “moral courage” by individuals or groups who have helped to change the course of events within their community or country. By identifying ordinary people who became extraordinary through their acts of great personal courage, the foundation underscores the importance of a shared commitment to universal human values.

Jo Rosano, the mother of Marc Gonsalves (one of the three U.S. hostages) attended the ceremony. Read her testimony

11/8/2004 : Farcs reject the government's proposal

11/7/2004 : Amnesty issue vexes Colombia

Colombia's 40-year-old conflict among leftist rebels, military forces, and right-wing paramilitary fighters has been one of the most brutal in the Western Hemisphere. Massacres and selective assassinations are commonplace here, and the list of weapons include chain saws, machetes and cyanide bullets. Tens of thousands have died.

Amid this pain and suffering, the challenge for the government and the courts will be to determine which crimes to forgive for those rebels and paramilitary fighters who wish to surrender.

11/6/2004 : Pay your taxes, Farc hostage told

Tax authorities in Colombia have apologised for demanding a tax return from a woman politician held captive by Marxist rebels for almost three years.

11/4/2004 : Open letter from Hostages' families

11/3/2004 : UN expects FARC to consider humanitarian exchange proposal

The United Nations expected the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to consider in a constructive way Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's proposal for the humanitarian exchange, UN special envoy James Lemoyne said on Sunday.

The UN said in a statement that it values the new proposal on humanitarian exchange between the FARC and the government, which is supported by the Catholic Church and the families of the victims.

11/2/2004 : FARC frees four unexpectedly

Farc unexpectedly released four hostages, El Tiempo reports. The hostages -- held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia for more than three years -- were released from their jungle prison and flown to freedom abroad a military plane.

11/1/2004 : Families of hostages request FARC to accept the government's proposal

10/31/2004 : Farc : "we do not trust Uribe"

10/30/2004 : Colombia offers rebels prisoner swap

Colombia's hardline government said Friday it is willing to meet with members of the country's main leftist rebel group in an unprecedented offer aimed at freeing dozens of rebel-held hostages, including three Americans.

Before any face-to-face meeting can take place, however, the rebels must agree to swap 15 hostages for 15 rebels jailed on minor charges, said Peace Commissioner Luis Carlos Restrepo.

10/28/2004 : Two and a half million children are exploited in Colombia

10/27/2004 : Uribe rejects FARC's proposal

10/26/2004 : Colombia Rebel Hostage Tape Pressures Government

Colombian Marxist rebels kept up pressure on the government to release imprisoned guerrillas, releasing a videotape of 12 former congressmen they kidnapped 30 months ago and want to swap for their comrades.

10/25/2004 : Ingrid Betancourt nearly died while on hunger strike.

The former presidential candidate in Colombia, Ingrid Betancourt, held hostage by FARC, nearly died during the course of a hunger strike when in captivity. Her mother Yolanda Pulecio announced this on Saturday last, 23 October 2004.

Mrs Pulecio stated to AFP that she had received a telephone call, the day before, from a person who had met a 'doctor' attending FARC rebels.

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