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5/31/2010 : Colombia's Santos seen strong in runoff election

Former Colombian Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos will enter a presidential runoff in a strong position after voters gave him a comfortable lead in the first-round vote on Sunday.

5/30/2010 : Colombia set to vote for new president

Colombians are due to go to the polls to vote for a new president in a contest that is expected to be close.

5/28/2010 : UN publishes report on Colombia military killings

Colombian security forces committed "a significant number" of murders over the past decade, often for personal profit, and few of the perpetrators have been punished, according to a report published Thursday by an independent U.N. human rights expert.

5/27/2010 : Green candidate eyes shock Colombia presidential election win

He was the unlikeliest of presidential hopefuls, a former maths lecturer who once mooned his students to get their attention and wore a superhero-style cape to teach civic values.

5/25/2010 : An Unlikely Outsider in Colombia's Presidential Race

Colombia could become one massive, unruly classroom for Mockus. And he'd have to do more than drop his pants to restore order...

5/24/2010 : Colombian president's brother said to have lead death squads

Juan Carlos Meneses, 42, a retired major in Colombia's National Police, has decided to speak out about how he collaborated with a paramilitary group in the small northern town of Yarumal. The group, he now says, was organized and led by Santiago Uribe, President Álvaro Uribe's brother.

5/23/2010 : UN chief urges action against child soldiers

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday urged the U.N. Security Council to consider tough measures against countries and insurgent groups that persist in recruiting child soldiers. Amongst them, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the country's smaller National Liberation Army (ELN).

5/21/2010 : Human rights activist murdered in north Colombia

A human rights defender in the northern department of Sucre was shot dead on Wednesday, in what appears to be another attack against Colombian activists working to protect the rights of displaced populations forced off their land by right-wing paramilitaries.

5/20/2010 : "Death Threats Have Become Routine," Says Jesuit Priest

The death threats against Catholic priest Javier Giraldo painted on walls in the Colombian capital may have come from far-right paramilitaries, the military, drug trafficking gangs or groups with interests in African oil palm plantations.

5/17/2010 : 33 years jail for 4 soldiers in 'false positive' murder

Colombian court Monday sentenced four members of the armed forces to 33 years in jail for the 2005 murder of a farmer in Argelia, Antioquia department, reported by the soldiers as a guerrilla casualty. This type of killing is known in Colombia as a "false positive."

5/15/2010 : Ex-minister Pretelt charged with corruption

Colombia's prosecutor general issued an indictment against former Interior Minister Sabas Pretelt for allegedly offering bribes to government officials to win support for the 2006 re-election of President Alvaro Uribe, reports El Espectador.

5/13/2010 : More Than 3000 Militia Victims Exhumed in Colombia

The Colombian Attorney General’s Office has exhumed 3,131 bodies of people slain by right-wing militias that ostensibly demobilized under a peace process with the government, a senior prosecutor said Tuesday.

5/12/2010 : Cauca Indigenous call on FARC, army to leave their territory

Indigenous communities in the south western department of Cauca implored all armed fighters on Tuesday to leave their territory, following the intensification of fighting between left-wing FARC guerillas and the Colombian Army that have left many civilians injured, displaced, or dead.

5/11/2010 : AUC describe false positive killings by Colombian army

Former leaders of the Centaurs Bloc of the AUC, including Daniel Rendon Herrera, alias "Don Mario," described an alliance between the army and the paramilitaries in Meta, including numerous cases of these extra-judicial killings, known as "false positives," reports Verdad Abierta.

5/8/2010 : Court asks congress to investigate Uribe for paramilitary ties

Colombia's Supreme Court asked the House of Representatives' Investigative Commission Friday to investigate allegations by extradited former paramilitary boss Salvatore Mancuso that Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has paramilitary ties, reports Santa Fe Radio.

5/6/2010 : Colombia: Army mass grave discovered

A mass grave had been discovered in La Macarena, a small town in the Meta region, 250 kilometres south of Bogota. The Army commander claims that they were guerrillas killed in combat, but the people in the region tells of a multitude of social leaders, campesinos [peasants] and community human rights defenders who disappeared without a trace."

5/4/2010 : Killings, violence wrack rural Colombia: Red Cross

Murder, rape and general violence have driven tens of thousands from their homes in rural Colombia in the last year in a problem ignored during the presidential election campaign, the ICRC said on Monday.

5/2/2010 : Green regeneration in Colombia

Presidential hopeful Antanas Mockus is persuading many that he can reform Colombia's parasitic and abusive political culture

5/1/2010 : 45% of Colombians live in poverty

Almost half of Colombia's population live in poverty, while 16.6% suffer extreme poverty, according to a study released by government statistics agency DANE on Friday.

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