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5/31/2009 : In Colombia paramilitaries disarm and try to integrate into civilian life

According to official figures, more than 30,000 paramilitaries in total agreed to be disarmed between 2003 and 2007. But more than 3,000 of them have since then returned to violence under the leadership of a new generation of drug traffickers. “ Newly set up criminal gangs” are flourishing every in the country.

5/29/2009 : Colombians increasingly victims of conflict: Amnesty International

Colombia's civilian population is increasingly a victim of the violent conflict in the country, says a report by human rights organization Amnesty International. According to the NGO, more people were killed, displaced or disappeared in the period July 2007 - June 2008 than the previous year.

5/29/2009 : Moncayo inspires an 11 year old boy to walk for peace in Colombia

Johan Steven, son of Corporal Jose Libio Martinez has begun a walk to Pasco from his native home of Narino to demand the release of his father.

5/28/2009 : Piedada Cordoba denounces threats that hinder Peace and Justice law

Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba and Ivan Cepeda from the Colombians for Peace group (CCP) today in Washington criticised threats made against relatives of members of paramilitary organisations, such threats hinder the implementation of the Justice and Peace law.

5/22/2009 : Colombia's Uribe: Should I stay or should I go?

For nearly two terms, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has been the firm hand his country wanted, taking on leftist guerrillas, locking up hundreds of drug traffickers and attracting more foreign investment.  But on one question even he admits he is wavering: Should he stay or should he go?

5/21/2009 : Clara Rojas seeks “flexibility” from the Colombian government regarding the release of Pablo Moncayo

In an exclusive interview on the TeleSur channel, Clara Rojas suggested that alternative ways be found to release corporal; Pablo Moncayo, “I am also thinking of Chavez himself”, she stated.

5/20/2009 : Colombian Senate OKs referendum on re-election

Colombian lawmakers on Tuesday approved a proposal for voters to decide in a referendum whether to change the constitution and let President Alvaro Uribe seek a third term.

5/19/2009 : Interpol no longer wants to work with DAS

International Police organization Interpol no longer wants Colombia´s intelligence agency DAS to be its contact with Colombian authorities and officially asked the National Police to take up this role, Police Commissioner Oscar Naranjo said Saturday.

5/18/2009 : At least twelve killed in attacks by FARC since Friday

Cinq policiers, cinq militaires et deux guérilleros ont été tués depuis vendredi en Colombie, dans différentes attaques attribuées aux guérillas des Farc et de l'ELN, ont annoncé samedi les autorités locales et l'armée.

5/16/2009 : Fomer intelligence officialsleak list of news media and journalists whose phones were taped

Reporters Without Borders reiterates its call for an investigation by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) following a new round of revelations about the spying on journalists and news media by the DAS, an intelligence agency that reports directly to the president's office. The phone-tap scandal was first exposed by the weekly Semana in February.

5/15/2009 : Colombian hostages’ families organise a silent walk

The families of military and police hostages still in FARC hands have called for a silent walk to be held on Friday in the centre of Bogota to show their opposition to the government announcement that priority will be given to a military rescue.

5/14/2009 : President Uribe accused of “delaying” the release of a Colombian hostage

For Gustavo Moncayo and his wife, the waiting has become unbearable. For eleven years and five months they have hoped their son Pablo Emilio Moncayo , an army corporal held hostage by FARC would return. On 16 April last, FARC (a left wing rebel group) announced their intention to free the young soldier.

The couple’s joy has been short lived: President Alvaro Uribe refuses to give in to FARC’s demands to allow the release take place with opposition Senator Piedad Cordoba and Moncayo senior present.

5/13/2009 : President Uribe persists in his strategy of rescuing hostages by military means.

President Alvaro Uribe has ordered the Army and police to continue operations to free all FARC hostages.

5/12/2009 : Colombians Say Dole Funded Death Squads

Dole Food Co. funded a right-wing death squad in Colombia that murdered peasants and union leaders and drove them off the land so that Dole could plant bananas, 73 Colombians claim in Superior Court. It is the latest in a series of legal claims in U.S. courts against the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC) - United Self-Defense Forces of Columbia - who have been accused of killing thousands of poor Colombians in a fight to control the cocaine trade, and for millions in payoffs from international corporations that demand a docile workforce.

5/11/2009 : In Latin America, some elections are more acceptable than others

This week, President Alvaro Uribe has to succeed in getting a new constitutional change through the Senate allowing him to undertake a third term of office. Four years ago, he succeeded in changing the constitution for the first time: then even a second mandate was forbidden. It has since been proven that several Congress members were bribed. Who’s bothered? Apart from a handful of experts, there is no indignation when Colombia is concerned. Neither when the number of murdered trade unionists increases – more than 400 since Uribe came to power – nor when the media is brought to heel for the least thing on the orders of the President.

5/10/2009 : Colombia Former Spy Chief to Face Trial

The former head of Colombia’s DAS security service has been indicted on seven charges, including colluding with right-wing militias in the killings of a university professor, a politician and two labor leaders.

5/9/2009 : Cardinal in dialogue with FARC

Colombian Cardinal Dario Castrillon, head of the Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei', said he had had phone conversations with the FARC and the ELN this week.

5/4/2009 : UNESCO chief deplores shooting death of Colombian radio journalist

The chief of the United Nations agency that champions press freedom today condemned the brutal murder of a Colombian journalist late last month, stressing that free speech in the South American country is under attack.

5/3/2009 : Politicans divided over hostage release deadlock

Colombian politicians are divided over the involvement of opposition senator Piedad Cordoba in negotiations for the release of FARC hostage Pablo Emilio Moncayo, following President Alvaro Uribe's rejection of Cordoba's participation.

5/2/2009 : Colombia's displaced 'rises 25%'

Some 380,000 Colombians were forced from their homes last year by the continuing armed conflict, a local human rights group has said. The Centre for Human Rights and the Displaced, Codhes, says this is a 25% rise on 2008 and brings the total displaced since 1985 to 4.6 million.

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