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5/31/2007 : Argentina's first lady meets mother of Colombian rebel hostage

Argentina's first lady met Tuesday with the mother of a former Colombian presidential candidate held captive by leftist guerrillas to discuss efforts to negotiate her release

5/30/2007 : Colombian army attempted to free Ingrid Betancourt

An attempt made by the Colombian army to rescue Ingrid Betancourt two weeks ago failed, RTL announced on Tuesday.

5/27/2007 : Ingrid Betancourt's refuses to "dare to let her hopes be raised"

Astrid Betancourt, sister of French Colombian Ingrid Betancourt, held hostage by FARC since 2002,stated on Saturday last in Avoine (Loire et Indre) that she "did not want to have her hopes raised" following approaches made to President Alvaro Uribe.

5/26/2007 : “Guerrillas consult medical books to diagnose hostages’ illnesses”

John Frank Pinchao Blanco the policeman who escaped from a FARC camp has given details of the difficult conditions in which FARC hostages are held. Some hostages did not survive viral infections and illnesses, such as Major Guevara who died in the jungle and whose body, a year later, has still not been returned to his family.

5/24/2007 : A march in support of Ingrid Betancourt

About a hundred people took part in a walk in Paris in support of a campaign to free French-Colombian Ingrid Betancourt, now held for 63 months by Farc.

5/23/2007 : Ingrid Betancourt – Farc’s greatest enemy

Asked whether Ingrid Betancourt had 2amical relations 2 with her captors, Pinchao who had been held with 12 other hostages including Ingrid Betancourt prior to his escape at end of April, replied: “Absolutely not! In fact she is their greatest critic”.

5/22/2007 : Sarkozy receives Uribe’s special envoy.

President Nicolas Sarkozy reminded President Alvaro Uribe’s special envoy that France was opposed to any military rescue to release Ingrid Betancourt, the French-Colombian hostage held by Farc.

5/22/2007 : Colombia's Uribe open to French ideas to free hostages

President Alvaro Uribe on Saturday declared himself open to any suggestions France's new president may have to free a Franco-Colombian senator kidnapped five years ago.

5/21/2007 : Hostages held by Farc not treated the same, escaped policeman reveals.

John Frank Pinchao has revealed that Farc rebels show a lack of respect for Ingrid Betancourt whom they punish and that the 3 American pilots were not put in chains.

5/19/2007 : Colombian president orders military rescue of rebel hostages

President Alvaro Uribe on Friday ordered the Colombian military to rescue former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three US contractors that leftist rebels are holding hostage.

5/18/2007 : 5 attempts to escape made by Ingrid Betancourt.

Each time Ingrid escaped, she was captured and “severely punished” by Farc, according to the hostage who escaped, said yesterday Thursday. He had seen her on 28 April. “Ingrid exercises a lot, writes, listens to the radio and cuts out items of news from newspapers”, he related.

5/17/2007 : Escaped hostage was held with 3 Americans, Betancourt

A police officer who fled to freedom after eight years as a hostage of leftist rebels said Wednesday that he was held with three American military contractors and former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt.

5/15/2007 : Humanitarian Agreement

The massive freeing of Farc rebels proposed last week by President Alvaro Uribe is a challenge to the former in order that, in return, Farc free 58 hostages.

5/14/2007 : To Mom, From Hostage

An ordinary e-mail may not seem like much of a Mother's Day gift, but to Jo Rosano, the message in stilted English, forwarded by someone she doesn't know, is better than any card, brunch or bouquet of flowers.

5/8/2007 : Open letter to President elect Nicolas Sarkozy

Today 8 May, the anniversary of the Liberation of France is the 1900th day spent by Ingrid Betancourt, the French-Colombian deputy and senator as a hostage in Colombia.

The International Federation of Ingrid Betancourt committees (FICIB)takes this opportunity to publish on its website an open letter to Nicolas Sarkozy

5/8/2007 : Mass graves discovered in Colombia

Remains of 105 victims of right-wing paramilitaries were found in the southern jungles of Colombia, the biggest such discovery in the country's four-decade-old guerrilla war, officials said on Saturday.

5/3/2007 : Paramilitaries Pose Grave Threat to Rule of Law in Columbia

Colombian paramilitaries pose a grave threat to Colombia’s democracy, the rule of law, and human rights, Human Rights Watch said in a letter today to Colombian President Álvaro Uribe.

5/2/2007 : Colombian rebels free four kidnapped geologists

Colombian leftist guerrillas have released four local geologists who were kidnapped more than six weeks ago while prospecting for gold in a remote jungle region, the Red Cross said on Wednesday.

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