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Expo Colombia 2010: Colombia in 18 panels

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3/31/2011 : Colombia: Sandra Viviana still missing

After 15 days of fruitless searching for Sandra Viviana, she has not yet been returned to her home and social life. Sandra Cuellar Viviana Gallego is a 26-year-old environmental engineer, noted for her spiritual, artistic, cultural and professional values.

3/30/2011 : Drug route increases violence in central Colombia: NGO

A drug trafficking route from Colombia's central coffee zone stretching all the way to the Pacific coast is increasing violence in the region, according to a Colombian human rights organization.

3/28/2011 : Gunmen kill three Colombian land reform campaigners

Gunmen have killed three Colombian rights leaders campaigning for the return of land snatched by illegal militias, officials said on Thursday, in a test of a land reform proposal by President Juan Manuel Santos,.

3/25/2011 : Colombia's judges at 'high risk': Court

Being a judge in Colombia is a "high risk" profession, according to the Supreme Judicial Council, reported W Radio Wednesday.

3/19/2011 : FARC attacks kill 6 in northern Colombia

Attacks on two villages in the north-Colombian Norte de Santander department left three civilians and an equal number of policemen dead, local media reported Thursday.

3/18/2011 : Neo-paramilitary presence in 1/3 Colombia: NGO

Emerging criminal gangs have consolidated their power and have a "capacity to act" in 360 Colombian municipalities, a report by NGO Indepaz released Thursday showed.

3/17/2011 : NGOs urge EU to strike down Colombia trade deal

More than 200 non-governmental organizations sign a manifesto calling on the European Union (E.U.) to strike down its free trade agreement (FTA) with Colombia, EFE reported Wednesday.

3/10/2011 : Ex-rebel hostages seek $20 million from Colombia

Six politicians once held hostage by Colombian rebels are seeking $20 million for financial and emotional losses from the government they blame for allowing them to be snatched, officials said Tuesday.

3/8/2011 : UN calls attention to the abuse of women's rights in Colombia

On International Women's Day, the United Nations (UN) has drawn attention to the abuses suffered by women in Colombia at the hands of former paramilitaries, and will launch the Colombia branch of UN Women.

3/7/2011 : Colombian armed forces collaborated with neo-paramilitaries: WikiLeaks

Neo-paramilitary groups with former armed forces personnel as members were able to infiltrate the state by exploiting their military connections, according to a WikiLeaks cable.

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