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3/31/2010 : Rebels Hand Over Colombian Soldier

Colombian army Sgt. Pablo Emilio Moncayo emerged from more than a dozen years in captivity as leftist FARC rebels released him to a humanitarian delegation headed by opposition Sen. Piedad Cordoba.

3/30/2010 : 'Joyful' Moncayo family to arrive in Florencia

An anxious and excited Moncayo family are to arrive in Florencia, Caqueta on Monday evening, hopeful of a successful outcome to the ongoing hostage release operation, which would see Sgt. Pablo Emilio Moncayo freed after twelve years in captivity.

3/29/2010 : Colombian rebels free captive soldier

A young soldier held captive for nearly a year in the jungles of Colombia stepped off a helicopter and embraced family members Sunday after being released by leftist rebels.

3/28/2010 : Colombian rebel captives' release seems imminent

The release of two soldiers held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia appears imminent nearly a year after the rebels first announced it.

3/27/2010 : Hand-over of dead FARC hostage is delayed

Colombian guerrilla group the FARC announced on Friday that although they have confirmed the release of hostages Josue Daniel Calvo and Pablo Emilio Moncayo, they will not yet be returning the remains ofpoliceman Julian Ernesto Guevara, who died in FARC captivity in 2006, reported El Espectador.

3/26/2010 : Critical report on Colombia human rights presented to UN Council

Kyung-wha Kang, the UN's Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, on Wednesday presented the annual report on the situation in Colombia to the UN Council in Geneva, commenting that it "highlights the increasing threats against human rights defenders" in the country.

3/25/2010 : Cordoba: FARC will talk to govt without demilitarized zone

Opposition Senator Piedad Cordoba announced Tuesday that the FARC is ready to sit down and negotiate with the Colombian government without the precondition of establishing a demilitarized zone. "We must pressure the current government to make the exchange before leaving office," Cordoba said.

3/23/2010 : Colombia rebels ready for hostage release: lawmaker

Colombian guerrillas will release the first of two hostage soldiers on Saturday after the army temporarily halts operations in the area where they will be freed, a senator mediating with rebels said on Tuesday.

3/19/2010 : Former senator sentenced for paramilitary ties

Colombia's supreme court sentenced former senator Alvaro Araujo Castro to nine years and three months in prison for his ties to paramiltaries, according to Caracol Radio.

3/18/2010 : Brazil helicopters set for Colombia hostage handover

Brazilian helicopter crews are standing by near the Colombian border to fly in and pick up two soldiers that FARC rebels plan to free to the Red Cross, the Colombian government said on Wednesday.

3/16/2010 : Candidates with paramilitary ties win big

One of the big winners in Sunday's congressional elections is the controversial Party for National Integration (PIN), which won eight seats and is now the fourth largest force in the Senate. The party has been criticized because many members have family ties or other links to former legislators who are currently in prison for their association with paramilitaries.

3/15/2010 : Pro-Uribe parties dominate Colombia's Senate vote

Candidates from parties allied with outgoing President Alvaro Uribe dominated Sunday's elections in Colombia to replace a Congress tarnished by lawmakers' links to far-right criminal bands. Observers from the Organization of American States and other groups reported a number of cases of alleged vote-buying and voter intimidation in the countryside.

3/14/2010 : Colombians vote to renew tainted Congress

Colombians vote Sunday to renew both houses of their scandal-tainted Congress as major political parties choose candidates for the May election to succeed President Alvaro Uribe.

3/9/2010 : Govt calls on FARC to release sick hostage

Colombian peace commissioner Frank Pearl said Monday that if hostage Josue Daniel Calvo is as sick as the FARC claim, then the guerrilla organization should release him and not endanger his life.

3/8/2010 : Uribe criticizes France over Betancourt

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe criticized France for losing interest in Colombia after FARC hostage Ingrid Betancourt was rescued, in an unprecedented three hour live broadcast on W Radio Friday.

3/5/2010 : New investigation into Montoya's paramilitary ties

Colombia's Supreme Court Wednesday asked the prosecutor general to open an investigation into the latest allegations that former army general Mario Montoya had ties to paramilitary forces.

3/3/2010 : Spain Probes ETA-FARC Connection

Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a message to Venezuela on Tuesday, demanding an explanation from the government for its alleged support of an alliance between Basque separatist group ETA and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC).

3/1/2010 : Re-election referendum entirely unconstitutional: Court

Constitutional Court President Mauricio Gonzalez announced Friday that the court voted 7 to 2 against the referendum to allow Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to run for a third term and called the document "unconstitutional in its entirety".

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