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3/28/2006 : Commission provides €12 million of humanitarian assistance to the victims of conflicts in Colombia

The armed conflict in Columbia has been going on for 40 years, and in the past year has forced an estimated 250,000 Colombians out of their homes. The European Commission has agreed a Global Plan to grant €12 million of humanitarian aid to support people who are displaced from their homes, blocked in their area or who have fled to neighbouring countries as a result of the longstanding internal conflict in Colombia.

3/26/2006 : Colombian rebels release two police hostages

Colombian rebels on Saturday released two police officers taken hostage last year -- a move analysts said was aimed at helping one of President Alvaro Uribe's little-known rivals in the May election.

3/24/2006 : US charges Colombia rebel leaders

Fifty leaders of Colombia's largest rebel group, Farc, have been charged in the US with exporting $25bn (£14bn) of cocaine around the world.

3/22/2006 : Colombia remains the most dangerous country in the world for Human Rights activists

In 2005, more than 1,100 human rights defenders in 90 countries like Colombia, China and Russia were targeted for their activism last year and many were murdered, tortured or jailed, a report released on Wednesday showed. Colombia, where 47 human rights defenders were killed and 15 others kidnapped or tortured last year, remained among the most dangerous in the world for activists who denounce their government's policy on security and human rights.

3/19/2006 : Hostage Handover Fails in Colombia

The promised release of two hostages held for six months by leftist rebels failed to take place Saturday _ with the government blaming jungle rains and relatives saying the state sabotaged the handover by sending troops to the region.

3/16/2006 : Freedom for 2 kidnapped policemen

Freedom for 2 kidnapped policemen this Saturday in "El Afilador de la Dorada"(Putamayo)

3/15/2006 : President Uribe strengthened 2 months prior to Presidential election.

The principal winner, in last Sunday's elections in Colombia that FARC tried in vain to torpedo, was conservative President, Alvaro Uribe who did not contest any position.

3/13/2006 : Uribe Loyalists Seen Winning in Colombia

Parties loyal to President Alvaro Uribe appeared headed toward resounding victory Sunday in congressional elections seen as a test of the U.S. ally's popularity ahead of his race for a second term.

3/12/2006 : FARC Steps Up Attacks Before Elections

FARC-EP have killed at least 20 civilians in two separate massacres and an attack using gas cylinder bombs. On March 12, Colombia will hold congressional elections, which will be followed by presidential elections on May 28.

3/11/2006 : Colombia Embassy: information or disinformation?

In an apparently systematic campaign that seeks to equate Human Rights Organisations with the rebels, the Colombian Embassy in Paris releases a press statement maintaining that these associations would not condemn violent acts against civilians when they are committed by FARC.

3/9/2006 : A statelet of the USA

While Bogotá displays its outstanding development potential especially in relation to biodiversity, its social indicators are alarming. The liberal economy of President Alvaro Uribe, which is based on foreign investment, has certainly boosted the economy leading to a growth of 4% in the economy in 2004. But the effects have not been shared; 64% of Colombians live below the poverty line.

3/8/2006 : Women's International Day; balloons released in Paris for Ingrid.

Balloons were released at City Hall in Paris onWednesday, Women's International Day, asking that Ingrid Betancourt, held hostage in Colombia for four years, be freed.

3/7/2006 : FARC apply pressure in the lead up to Colombian elections

FARC intensified its attacks in rural areas, in advance of the legislative elections of the coming weekend. As well they have promised to free two of their hostages, policemen, an offer described as abusive and political blackmail by President Alvaro Uribe.

In a statement released last week, the International Federation of Human Rights strongly condemned the campaign of violence launched by FARC.

3/6/2006 : FARC announce freedom for two police officers held hostage

FARC rebels announced on Sunday the forthcoming freedom of two policemen they are holding. They are demanding the presence of the International Red Cross Committee, the independent candidate in the presidential elections, Alvaro Leyva and former President Alfonso Lopez Michelsen.

3/5/2006 : Five Colombian military begin their ninth year in FARC hands.

On 3 March this year, five non-commissioned officers (NCOs) in the Colombian Army finished eight years detention in the hands of FARC, captured after an attack in the region of Caquete (south of Colombia) that caused the death of 65 soldiers

3/4/2006 : Armed conflict dominates political debate in Colombia

Some days before the national elections on 12 March, extreme left-wing guerrillas and right wing paramilitaries dominate political debate in Colombia.

3/2/2006 : Reaction to the Hauter article in Le Figaro

We have received many reactions, following the article that appeared in Le Figaro and also to the book written by Jacques Thomet who will have the dubious privilege of going down in history as the first "journalist" to use his position to slander and attempt to tarnish the reputation of a person still held hostage as well as that of her family.

We publih here the text of a letter sent to Le Figaro by Thierry Consigny, head of the well-known communications company "Les ouvriers du Paradis"

3/1/2006 : Amnesty International Condemns Indiscriminate Killings by FARC Guerrillas

The recent spate of killings of civilian is a serious and deliberate breach of international humanitarian law, Amnesty International said today - as did other organizations

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