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The case of Ingrid Betancourt and everything about Colombia are subjects that are systematically "neglected" by most anglo-saxon media. We are looking for assistance to translate some articles from French or Spanish

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3/31/2005 : Astrid Betancourt, Ingrid's sister, criticizes President Uribe

3/30/2005 : Colombia says moving toward peace talks with rebels

Colombia said on Monday it was moving toward peace talks with the Andean country's second largest rebel group and called for international support.

3/28/2005 : Astrid, Ingrid Betancourt's sister, requests mediation from Switzerland

3/27/2005 : The Colombian bishops beg their compatriots to work for reconciliation and peace

3/24/2005 : Posters of Ingrid in Brussels and Geneva

3/19/2005 : Relatives of American, Colombian Kidnap Victims Call for Their Release

Relatives of Colombians and Americans kidnapped by Marxist rebels in Colombia are urging the U.S. and Colombian governments to do more to win the hostages' release. The family members say both countries are turning a blind-eye to the problem.

The family members, joined by international policy analysts, say they want to draw attention to the three thousand people believed to be held hostage by Colombia's largest rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

3/18/2005 : More than 8,000 people were displaced every day in 2004

3/15/2005 : Interview of Astrid Betancourt, Ingrid's sister

3/11/2005 : FARC: Ingrid Betancourt in good health

When contacted by email, Raul Reyes, member of the FARC general secretariat, responded to a Figaro newspaper questionnaire. This related, above all, to the elusive humanitarian exchange of hostages held by rebels and guerrillas imprisoned by the authorities.

3/10/2005 : EU Commission agrees €12 million of humanitarian assistance for victims of the internal conflict in Colombia

The European Commission has agreed a Global Plan to support people who are displaced from their homes or who flee to neighbouring countries as a result of the longstanding internal conflict in Colombia.

3/6/2005 : Gov't Continues to Block Humanitarian Hostages-for-Prisoners Swap

The mother of former Colombian presidential candidate and senator Ingrid Betancourt, Yolanda Pulecio, says President Alvaro Uribe is actively boycotting the possibility of reaching an agreement to release her daughter, who was kidnapped by the FARC insurgents three years ago.

3/2/2005 : Villagers blame Colombian army in murders of seven people

A Catholic priest and a former mayor accused Colombian troops of killing eight villagers, including a six-year-old girl and two-year-old boy, for helping Marxist rebels, just as the United States said its key South American ally has improved its human rights record.

2/28/2005 : Colombian Rebels Demand United States Free Comrade

Colombian guerrillas demanded the release of a top commander extradited to the United States as a key condition for freeing 63 hostages, including three Americans and a former presidential candidate.

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