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5/30/2006 : Uribe's re-election "a real disaster"? not so sure!

Ruled for more than forty years by two right wing parties, the liberals and the conservatives, Colombia woke up after the elections to see a right wing President and a left wing party in opposition. A revolution!

5/29/2006 : Colombian voters give hard-line Uribe a second term

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, a key U.S. ally in Latin America, won a second four years in office with 62 percent of the vote.

5/28/2006 : Colombia vote seen as referendum on rebel crackdown

Colombians yearning for stability after decades of civil war seem likely to give President Alvaro Uribe another four years in power, though his hard-line tactics are controversial.

5/23/2006 : A parisian committee criticizes the head of the French Diplomatic service

At an event that took place today in Paris, a leader of the Parisian Ingrid Betancourt Committee criticised the "inaction" of the head of the French Diplomatic service,

5/20/2006 : Allegations of excessive use of force in Colombia

Amnesty International is concerned that the security forces may have used disproportionate and excessive force on 16 May 2006 against indigenous, peasant-farmer and afro-descendent people during a demonstration on the Panamerican Highway

5/18/2006 : Families fear for "forgotten" US hostages in Colombia

While foreigners kidnapped in Iraq make instant headlines around the world, three Americans captured by Colombian rebels three years ago are all but forgotten.

5/17/2006 : Journalist threatened by one of his own bodyguards, linked to paramilitary

Reporters Without Borders is alarmed to learn that a bodyguard of independent journalist Pedro Cárdenas apparently tried to get a para-military from the United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia (AUC) included in his escort.

5/15/2006 : Colombian presidential candidate Leyva bows out

A presidential candidate who promised to end Colombia's long-running conflict in six months quit the race on Sunday, two weeks before elections likely to hand President Alvaro Uribe a second term.

Leyva, a lawyer with the National Movement for Reconciliation, had attacked Uribe as the "candidate for war" and highlighted accusations that the president's security agency was infiltrated by right-wing paramilitaries.

5/13/2006 : FARC to vote in Presidential elections

FARC rebels are calling on the people of Colombia to vote in the presidential elections of 28 May in order to block Alvaro Uribe's re-election.

5/11/2006 : Happiness and Shame

In Buenos Aires, the Mothers of the Disappeared who met for 25 years in May Square have stopped demonstrating. In Medillin 's public squares, families of victims of the Colombian conflict continue this practice. article written in La Libre Belgique by Matthieu De Nanteuil, sociologist and philosopher, professor at The Catholic University of Louvain and member of the Cross-Curricular Study Group in Economic Sociology (LISE-CNRS, Paris). Matthieu De Nanteuil is one if the leaders of the "Ingrid Por la Paz" organisation, the umbrella group of Ingrid Betancourt committees in Belgium.

5/8/2006 : Presidential candidate Horacio Sera sends his children abroad to safety.

Presidential candidate Horacio Serpa (Liberal Party) confirmed to Radio Caracol his decision to send his children abroad as a precautionary measure given the lack of security that increasingly affects his country.

5/7/2006 : Swiss government reacts to Santos' comments.

In Berne, the Department of Foreign Affairs recalls that unlike the European Union, Switzerland does not consider FARC to be a terrorist organisation and that so their Internet site is allowed as long as its content remains within the law.

5/5/2006 : FARC criticises ELN peace talks - Raul Reyes confirms Clara Rojas had a baby.

FARC spokesman Raul Reyes dismissed talks between ELN and the Colombian government ; Raul Reyes also confirms Clara Rojas had a baby.

5/1/2006 : Gaviria maintains silence about his sister's murder; tension in Colombia.

Juan Carlos Lecompte, Ingrid Betancourt's husband declared that former President Gaviria had 'condemned a link between paramilitaries, Uribe's government and his supporters in Parliament"

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