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6/28/2007 : Colombian rebels say 11 lawmaker hostages killed

The Colombian rebel movement FARC said Thursday that 11 lawmakers it was holding hostage were killed during an attempt to free them this month.

6/26/2007 : Colombia violence dims hope for hostages

Bogota's mayor joined families of kidnap victims and about 300 school children Tuesday in a demonstration meant to increase pressure on the government to swap imprisoned rebels for guerrilla-held hostages.

6/21/2007 : Nearly 3 million displaced people in Colombia

20 June is World Refugee Day; an occasion to draw attention to the fate of those who have been driven from their homes.

6/20/2007 : “Granda is really important to Farc” says Astrid Betancourt.

In an interview with W Radio, Astrid Betancourt, sister of former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, stated that Rodrigo Granda - often called the “Chancellor of Farc”, is a vital member of the rebel group. That is why she hopes that Farc will see his release as a way of opening possibilities for a humanitarian exchange.

6/19/2007 : In Paris, a so called “support committee” demands proof of life.

In Paris, a group of people who call themselves THE support committee asked FARC on Monday to supply proof o f life of the French- Colombian woman hostage from whom there has not been any direct news for more than four years. Her ex -husband Fabrice Delloye does not rule out that the former presidential candidate may be dead.

This statement has deeply shocked Ingrid Betancourt’s mother, Yolanda Pulecio and Astrid Betancourt, Ingrid’s sister.

6/18/2007 : France is interested not alone in Ingrid’s situation

6/16/2007 : Rebel pushes for prisoner swap in Colombia

A prisoner swap between the Colombian government and FARC guerrillas -- including three U.S. defense contractors -- could pave the way for talks to end the insurgency, a top FARC leader has told The Miami Herald.

6/14/2007 : Betancourt's Ex Wants Proof She's Alive

The ex-husband of kidnapped former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt demanded Thursday that Colombia's main rebel group provide proof that she and some 60 other hostages are alive.

6/10/2007 : Colombia hostage deal still elusive-FARC rebel

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on Friday welcomed Group of Eight nations' support for his initiative to free hostages held by left-wing rebels, but a guerrilla leader he released from prison to try to negotiate a deal warned that any agreement remained elusive.

6/9/2007 : Colombia: US Congress Should Oppose Prisoner Release Plan

The unilateral releases of prisonners by the Uribe government is looked at with much reserve by Human Rights NGOs. In particular, by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

6/8/2007 : Hostage baby the new face of Colombia's kidnapped

Few people have seen the 3-year-old boy born to a leftist rebel father and an upper-class politician mother who was kidnapped by Latin America's biggest guerrilla army five years ago.

Yet little Emmanuel is soon to become the face of Colombia's legions of kidnap victims, the centerpiece of an international campaign

6/6/2007 : Sarkozy seeks place on international stage: the Colombian question.

Latest events in Colombia feature today in the press review of Cécile de Kervasdoué on Radio France, which she entitles “When Sarkozy wants to make an immediate impression on the international scene”…

6/6/2007 : Freed Colombia rebel pushes demand for hostage deal

A Colombian guerrilla leader freed to broker the release of rebel-held hostages said on Tuesday an accord was essential, but insisted President Alvaro Uribe agree to a demilitarized zone as a condition for talks.

6/5/2007 : President Uribe’s move a PR exercise

To deal with unyielding rebels,Alvaro Uribe has succeeded in showing “good intentions” towards France while ignoring an embarrassing political scandal.

6/3/2007 : Colombian rebels reject government plan to release hundreds of jailed guerrillas

Colombia's largest rebel group on Sunday rejected a government plan to release hundreds of accused guerrillas from prison, shooting down hopes it would prompt insurgents to free their own hostages.

6/2/2007 : A ray of hope for Ingrid Betancourt

President Sarkozy spoke at a press conference in Madrid, stating that “the hostage situation was very complex” and that it was necessary to be “patient, alert and quick thinking” adding “we are not optimistic”.  But “There are many signs that show things are moving towards a humanitarian exchange”

6/2/2007 : Colombia starts rebel release to seek hostage deal

Colombia took steps to free jailed rebel fighters on Friday, hoping to persuade guerrilla commanders to hand over hostages they have held for years, including a French-Colombian politician and three Americans.

6/1/2007 : Some Colombian rebel prisoners reject offer of early release

A group of rebel prisoners on Tuesday rejected on offer of early release if they agree to demobilize, a proposal the government hoped would restart talks to free rebel-held hostages, including three U.S. defense contractors.

6/1/2007 : : a message every two hours for Ingrid Betancourt web radio of French people living abroad will broadcast every tow hours a message remembering that Ingrdi Betancourt and other hostages are still held by Farc; this was announced last Friday.

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