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6/27/2006 : Colombian rebel leader says hostage doing well after four years

A leader of Colombia's largest rebel group said in an interview published in a French newspaper Tuesday that a former presidential candidate who has been held hostage for more than four years is doing well.

6/25/2006 : Government cautious after potential FARC overture Gulf Times

Colombia’s government has responded cautiously to a potential overture from the FARC, Latin America’s oldest and largest rebel force, on the possibility of hammering out a deal on a hostage swap.

6/24/2006 : In turnaround, Colombia rebels could talk peace

Colombia's biggest rebel group will talk peace with President Alvaro Uribe if he halts U.S.-backed anti-guerrilla operations, a guerrilla leader said, reversing the group's earlier refusal to negotiate.

6/22/2006 : A president’s chance to improve Colombia

Alvaro Uribe’s re-election has guaranteed him a spot in history. He is the first Colombian president to serve two consecutive terms. Winning in the first round of voting, Uribe received a strong mandate, selected by over 60 percent of those who voted. Colombians believe Uribe can deliver more security to Colombia, but it is not clear if in four years he can enact dramatic improvements in Colombia’s perennially worrisome security situation.

6/20/2006 : Corruption charges escalate as Colombia targets rebel forces

Colombia's armed forces are in deep crisis, amid evidence of rampant corruption and human rights abuses as the country enters its 43rd year of civil conflict.

6/19/2006 : Coca Production Increases in Colombia

Reports from U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy show evidence that a cornerstone of the U.S.-led war on drugs - the aerial fumigation of coca fields - is failing to meet its goal of halving coca production in the Andes.

6/16/2006 : Colombian rebels turn on allies

Rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) have declared war on the smaller guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army (ELN).

6/14/2006 : Far-right paramilitaries send threatening e-mail to 19 human rights organisations

Reporters Without Borders voiced deep concern today about a threatening e-mail message received by 19 human rights and press freedom organisations on 7 June from an extreme-right-wing paramilitary group called the Free Colombia Democratic Front

6/12/2006 : President Uribe meets Alvaro Leyva in order to establish contacts with FARC.

Colombian President Alavaro Uribe has met Alvaro Leyva, his former opponent in the recent presidential elections. Leyva had acted as a facilitator some years ago between the Colombian government and FARC.

6/11/2006 : UN calls on world to pay more attention to millions displaced by civil war

With more than 2 million internally displaced people (IDPs) uprooted by Colombia’s decades-long civil war and hundreds of thousands more seeking refuge in neighbouring countries, the United Nations refugee agency is calling for more international attention to be paid to the humanitarian crisis.

6/8/2006 : Uribe Victory Likely to Lead to Increased Repression

An analysis of the recent presidential elections bublished in Colombia Journal by Gary Leech, a recognized specialist of Colombia, who dores not hide his opinions :

"...while in Chile Pinochet perfected the art of “disappearing” those critical of his government, the number of Colombians that were “disappeared” during Uribe’s first term exceeds the total number of Chileans that vanished during the 17-year military dictatorship..."

6/5/2006 : Colombia's fight to end violence

The Colombian electorate voted back in President Alvaro Uribe in a landslide election last weekend. But despite 15,000 murders in the past year, most believe he has helped tackle the violence that has ravaged the country for generations. A couple of years earlier, there were 36,000 murders.

6/3/2006 : A letter from Colombia to President Chirac.

Yesterday in a letter addressed to the French government and all the Ingrid Betancourt support committees, the association of families of those held hostage, ASFAMIPAZ "thanked them sincerely for all their support".

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