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Expo Colombia 2010: Colombia in 18 panels

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7/31/2010 : Colombian guerrillas propose talks on ending conflict : video

Colombia's largest leftist guerrilla group released a videotaped message Friday, proposing talks with president-elect Juan Manuel Santos to find a political settlement to their armed conflict.

7/31/2010 : Protest by gagged journalists to demand respect for free expression

Journalists employed by two radio stations in Yopal, the capital of the northeastern department of Casanare, stopped work today and demonstrated silently, with their mouths gagged, in the city’s main square to protest against a lawsuit targeting eight of their colleagues and to demand respect for freedom of information.

7/29/2010 : Betancourt justifies reparation request

In an interview with a French newspaper, former-hostage Ingrid Betancourt justified the $6.5 million compensation request she made against the Colombian state in July for failing to prevent her kidnapping, saying that press reports at the time were "distorted."

7/28/2010 : US reversal on visa denied to Colombian journalist

The U.S. State Department has reversed its decision to deny a visa to a leading Colombian journalist whose reporting has been highly critical of the country's U.S.-allied president.

7/27/2010 : Why Is Colombia Putting The Screws To Chavez Now?

Venezuela and Colombia are the original odd-couple of Hemispheric diplomacy. With the former run by a rambunctious socialist autocrat and the latter by a U.S.-aligned hard-right hawk, the two countries have been on a collision course for years. The proximate cause and biggest irritant has long been the Venezuelan government's tacit alliance with FARC, Colombia’s oldest and largest Marxist guerrilla movement.

7/23/2010 : Venezuela breaks relations with Colombia

Venezuela broke off diplomatic ties with Colombia Thursday in a worsening row over accusations from Bogota that it is providing a safe haven to leftist guerrillas.

7/22/2010 : OAS asks US to reconsider Colombian journalist's visa

The Organization of American States (OAS) asked U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to reconsider her department's decision to deny Colombian journalist Hollman Morris entry to receive a journalism fellowship at Harvard University.

7/21/2010 : Freedom can bring new problems for hostages and loved ones

Emotional fallout from the Betancourt group’s release shows the life-long consequences of prolonged captivity, writes TOM HENNIGAN in Irish Times

7/20/2010 : Colombia: The Great Bicentennial Celebration

Military parades, music specials and other cultural events will mark Colombia's Independence Bicentennial.

7/18/2010 : Does Ingrid deserve so much hatred?

Colombia has seen an outpouring of hatred following former FARC hostage Ingrid Betancourt's attempt to claim damages from the Colombian government for the six years she spent in guerrilla captivity. This collective expression of hatred is more chilling than Ingrid's claim itself, because the hatred shows little sense and almost no reflection...

7/16/2010 : Venezuela 'harbours rebel groups' - Colombian minister

The Colombian defence minister has said that intelligence sources now have irrefutable evidence of rebel bases in neighbouring Venezuela.

7/14/2010 : Former hostage Betancourt withdraws compensation demand

Franco-Colombian ex-hostage Ingrid Betancourt on Tuesday withdraw a widely-panned demand for compensation for nearly six years in captivity in Colombia.

7/12/2010 : Betancourt says she won't sue Colombia government

Former hostage Ingrid Betancourt says that despite seeking $6.8 million in damages for her more than six years in jungle captivity, she has no intention of suing Colombia for the money.

7/9/2010 : Hollman Morris refused US visa because of 'terrorist activities'

Colombian journalist Hollman Morris is not allowed to enter the United States because the State Department consideres Morris "permanently ineligible for a visa under the "Terrorist activities" section of the USA Patriot Act," the curator of the Nieman foundation at Harvard told press agency Associated Press (AP).

7/8/2010 : Colombian spies cause trouble in Europe

That the Colombians were spying on and harassing their own people — tapping judges’ phones, threatening journalists’ children, trailing human-rights workers — seemed scandalous enough.

But recently-discovered documents reveal that Colombia's Department of Administrative Security (DAS) also conducted these activities on European soil, largely in Belgium, and even in the halls of the European Parliament.

7/7/2010 : Ecuador Says Colombia's Santos Could Be Arrested

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa said on Monday that Colombia's president-elect Juan Manuel Santos could be arrested if he visited Ecuador because of an outstanding Ecuadorean arrest warrant against him.

7/5/2010 : Betancourt returns to Colombia 2 yrs after release

Former Franco-Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt has urged the leftist FARC guerrillas Friday to free their prisoners as she celebrated the second anniversary of her own release.

7/1/2010 : Ecuador requests report on alleged DAS spying

Ecuador on Tuesday sent Colombia a request for information on the alleged spying by Colombian security agency DAS on Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa, El Tiempo reports.

6/29/2010 : Uribe to appeal to France to help recapture FARC 'foreign minister'

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe will appeal to his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy to help him recapture the former FARC "foreign minister" Rodrigo Granda, when the heads of state meet at the G8 summit in Canada on Friday.

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