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7/30/2007 : Farc 'killed hostages by mistake'

The 11 politicians who died while being held by Farc rebels were killed during an accidental clash between factions, Colombia's intelligence chief has said.

7/27/2007 : French mission sought Betancourt release in Colombia: Sarkozy

France recently sent a mission to Colombia to try to secure the release of the Franco-Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt, President Nicolas Sarkozy said during a visit to Libya.

7/21/2007 : Colombia Denies Exit Visa to Award Winner

The government of Colombia has denied an exit visa to Samuel Morales, one of two winners of Education International's highest award for defence of human and trade union rights. As a result, Morales cannot travel to Berlin to accept the award being presented July 25 at the global organisation's 5th World Congress. Meanwhile, his co-winner, Raquel Castro, remains incarcerated in the political prisoners' wing of the women's prison in Bogotá.

The two Colombians were nominated for the award by teacher unions from the United Kingdom and Australia in recognition of their tremendous courage and commitment in the face of repression. Colombia remains the most dangerous place in the world to be a trade unionist. The Colombian Human Rights Commission lists 33 teacher trade unionists killed in that country last year alone, and just last month another teacher was murdered.

7/13/2007 : Drummond coal goes on trial over Colombia killings

The Drummond coal company helped finance a Colombian paramilitary group that murdered three union leaders who opposed company mining policies, a plaintiffs' attorney told a U.S. court on Wednesday.

7/12/2007 : American Abducted in Colombia Doing Well

The mother of a kidnapped U.S. contractor in Colombia said her son has made friends with his captors, learned to speak Spanish and is generally holding up well after more than four years as a hostage.

Yet Jo Rosano was also told that the camp where her son Marc Gonsalves is being held is rigged with explosives to prevent any attempted military rescue.

7/11/2007 : U.S. mistrial for convicted Colombian rebel leader

A U.S. jury on Tuesday could not reach a verdict and a mistrial was declared on four remaining counts charging a Colombian rebel leader with hostage-taking and providing material support to a terrorist group.

7/10/2007 : Colombia's FARC admits failure to protect hostages

Colombian rebels accused of murdering 11 kidnapped lawmakers admitted on Tuesday they did not take proper care of the prisoners, a statement that could help open talks aimed at freeing other hostages.

7/9/2007 : ICRC offers services following deaths of 11 assembly members held by FARC

Colombia's FARC rebel group has contacted the International Committee of the Red Cross to return the bodies of 11 kidnapped lawmakers who died while in its hands, ICRC officials said Monday.

7/9/2007 : The 11 deputies could have been victims, indirectly, of rewards offered by the Colombian government.

The 11 Colombian deputies recently assassinated when held hostage by Farc could have been caught up in a gun battle between their kidnappers and bounty hunters seeking the $2.5 million offered by the government for each of the 8 top level members of the Farc “secretariat”, the leadership unit of the criminal organisation, declared the “New Herald“, based on military information and experts linked to the Ministry of Defence.

7/8/2007 : Protests against Colombian government’s move to manipulate protest march.

In Colombia, the Permanent Peace Assembly (PPA) warns the media has been polarised into presenting a particular version of the conflict that does not reflect the reality, thus diving public opinion and radicalising those who support the government.

7/6/2007 : Colombians March to Protest Kidnappings

More than a million people marched through Colombia's major cities Thursday and drivers honked horns in unison in a mass protest to demand the immediate liberation of the country's kidnap victims.

7/4/2007 : Colombia rebel hostages appeal for accord

Seven hostages held by Colombian rebels for as long as nine years appealed in a video released on Tuesday for the government to reach a deal with their guerrilla captors to win their release. In the video, one of the hostages said he had recently been at a jungle camp with Betancourt.

7/4/2007 : Colombia unions 'still in danger'

Colombia remains one of the most dangerous places in the world for trade unionists, Amnesty International says.

Since 1991, some 2,245 members of trade unions have been killed, 3,400 threatened and more than 130 have "disappeared". In 2006, 77 trade unionists were killed or "disappeared".

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