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7/30/2006 : Colombian Bishops hope for hostage release.

The Catholic Church in Colombia urged President Alvaro Uribe not to wait more than then two months after he begins a second term in office to conclude a humanitarian exchange with FARC thereby freeing some dozens of hostages held by them.

7/29/2006 : Colombia Fighting Forces Civilians to Flee

In Narino province, near the southern border with Ecuador, more than 1,300 people have fled since fighting broke out last week between the army and the FARC.

7/28/2006 : Sixth journalist forced to flee since start of year

Marcos Perales Mendoza, the editor of La Portada, an investigative monthly based in Barrancabermeja, has been forced to flee the region by the death threats he has been getting since May 2005 in response to his articles about local corruption.

He is the latest of a total of six journalists in Colombia who have had to flee the area where they work since the start of the year...

7/26/2006 : Colombia medics 'freed by rebels'

Twelve members of a medical team kidnapped in Colombia at the weekend by suspected left-wing Farc rebels have been released, the army says.

7/25/2006 : Infamy : minor abuse by Farc

Documents and photos found in FARC computers show (according to Semana, a magazine closely linked with the colombian vice-presidency) that the guerillas have no limits in their abuse of Colombian girls ...

7/21/2006 : At least 100,000 signatures for Ingrid Betancourt

The Ingrid Betancourt support committee in Paris has set up a stand on the banks of the Seine and hope to collect at least 100,000 signatures in favour of releasing the former presidential candidate kidnapped by FARC in 2002.

7/20/2006 : FARC: Colombia must no longer be condemned to perpetual war

In a letter published by AnnCol (News Agency that publishes all communications from this guerrilla group), FARC ask the European Union (EU) to remove their organization from the list of the terrorist groups, in order to "reach peace"

7/19/2006 : Violence in Colombia traps scores of civilians

Fighting between the army and leftist guerrillas in western Colombia has forced hundreds of civilians from their homes and trapped others in their villages, the United Nations said Tuesday.

7/16/2006 : Displacement in Colombia; how it affects women.

In Colombia, if you are a woman and you are also displaced, this means you have to cope with poverty, violence and exclusion...

7/14/2006 : Key FARC leader freed

A FARC leader, who has served 10 years in prison for rebellion, has just been freed. On leaving prison he announced he would work for Peace in his country.

7/13/2006 : Colombia's Ambassador to U.S. Resigns

Colombia's ambassador to the United States has resigned in anger over the president's selection of a disgraced former leader as ambassador to France - prompting a high-level feud on Wednesday.

7/13/2006 : Uribe, Samper and the narco

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, having been praised so much recently, is about to bring back Colombia to a time his fellow citizens had thought were over. As announced last Monday he is proposing to nominate former president Ernesto Samper Pizano (1994- 1998) as Ambassador to France.

Samper's period in office was marred from the beginning by the 5 million dollar funding he had received from the Cali cartel for his electoral campaign. Even today Samper is still viewed as an international pariah, and has not received a visa to enter the US.

7/10/2006 : According to FARC, the humanitarian exchange "will eventually be established"

FARC rebels return to the matter of a humanitarian exchange of hostages for imprisoned guerrillas and state that the agreement "will be established eventually " because this is the wish of the "vast majority of the Colombian people".

7/9/2006 : Former President Samper appointed as Colombia's Ambassador to Paris.

President Uribe has offered the post of Ambassador to Paris to former President Ernesto Samper Pizano, as a replacement for Miguel Gomez Martinez. This appointment awaits approval by the French government. This is the same Ernesto Samper that Ingrid Betancourt denounced openly in Congress during his presidency, showing proof that he had been elected with the help of drug trafficking money.

7/8/2006 : UN agency voices renewed concern over mass displacements from conflict

Fighting between irregular armed groups in southern Colombia, threats and targeted killings of civilians are continuing to sow tension in a region where more than 9,000 people have been forced to flee their homes this year, the United Nations refugee agency reported today.

7/7/2006 : Colombia's FARC rebels welcome dialog between Spain, ETA rebels

A spokesman for Colombia's rebel group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) hailed Thursday's announcement by Spain that it would begin talks with armed separatist group ETA.

7/6/2006 : Death threat for journalist given three days to leave the country

Prominent radio journalist Herbin Hoyos Medina who created "Las Voces del Secuestro", told CPJ he received an e-mail warning July 1 to leave Colombia within three days or face "consequences without precedent for your children and family."

7/5/2006 : Hope for Colombian hostages via airwaves

Kidnapping has fallen sharply, but 4,040 people are still held by rebels and criminals.

7/2/2006 : Colombia : Government "peace process" cements injustice for IDPs

Forced displacement in Colombia is primarily a way to seize agricultural land from peasants and small farmers, and only to a lesser degree the unintended consequence of fighting between warring parties. More than 3.5 million out of the country's 40 million people have been displaced during the last two decades, according to CODHES, an authoritative non-governmental source.

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