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1/28/2011 : Colombian FARC Ready to Release Prisoners

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) confirmed it was ready to begin the announced unilateral release of five prisoners: two mayors, two soldiers and a police officer.

1/26/2011 : Uribe investigation must be public: court

The Colombian congressional commission investigating former President Alvaro Uribe for his alleged role in the illegal wiretapping of government opponents must be carried out publicly, a Bogota court ruled.

1/25/2011 : Colombian president in France to promote region

(Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos arrived in France ahead of an official visit Monday saying he was on a mission to promote what he described as the neglected region of Latin America.

1/23/2011 : Paramilitary commander: deputy intelligence chief was AUC member

Demobilized and extradited paramilitary chief "Don Berna" has told Colombian prosecutors that a former deputy director of intelligence service DAS was a member of paramilitary organization AUC, newspaper El Espectador reported Friday.

1/19/2011 : UN 'concerned' about neo-paramilitary violence

The United Nations and NGO Consultancy for Human Rights and Displacement (CODHES) expressed Monday their concern for the high level of neo-paramilitary violence in Colombia, specifically in the northern department of Cordoba.

1/17/2011 : 2011: Colombia's international challenges

After a very positive turn in foreign policy with the change in administration, Colombia enters 2011 with a fresh outlook and many potential activities that will further its interests in the international community. This year will be decisive for Santos’ foreign policy, as it will show if the foreign affairs ministry has truly changed for the better.

1/14/2011 : Paramilitaries committed 173,183 homicides: PG

Colombia's Prosecutor General's Office said Thursday it has registered 173,183 homicides allegedly committed by members of the now-defunct paramilitary organization AUC.

1/13/2011 : Steps closer to FARC hostage release

Colombia's Defense Ministry and the Red Cross have agreed to a security protocol for the release of five FARC hostages, announced the National Army on its website Tuesday.

1/10/2011 : FARC to 'redouble actions' in 2011

Alfonso Cano, supreme leader of Colombia's largest rebel group FARC, said that the guerrillas this year will multiply "actions in every way" in a new-years message released on YouTube Friday.

1/4/2011 : Colombian soldiers accused of killing 3 civilians

Colombian authorities said Monday that they have accused an army major and four other soldiers of killing three civilians and then falsely presenting their bodies as those of guerrillas slain in combat.

1/2/2011 : 2010 : 483 guerrillas killed, 5,045 criminals captured: army

The Colombian army said Friday that in 2010 it had killed 483 guerrillas, arrested 5,045 members of illegal armed groups, while 1,690 members of these groups voluntarily demobilized.

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