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1/27/2010 : Senator implicated in 'para-politics' gets 7-year sentence

Former Colombian senator Vicente Blel was found guilty of corruption and sentenced to seven years in prison by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

1/26/2010 : European Parliament officials visit Colombia to investigate human rights abuses

Six European Parliament officials, and a Spanish senator, will be in Colombia until the end of January in order to investigate cases of human rights abuse.

1/24/2010 : Former Congress president arrested for assassination of colleague

Agents of Colombia's Prosecutor General's Office on Friday arrested former Congress President Luis Humberto Gomez Gallo for allegedly ordering to kill a colleague.

1/23/2010 : Colombian justice vs. human rights

Will activist Principe Gabriel Gonzalez Arango become a victim of the country's uneven judicial system?

1/22/2010 : Over 1000 children murdered in Colombia in 2009

A report released on Wednesday shows that 1,129 minors were murdered in Colombia in 2009.

1/21/2010 : Colombia's Uribe signals interest in running again

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on Wednesday ceased broadcast of his weekly town-hall meetings in the strongest signal yet that he wants to run for a third term in May's election.

1/20/2010 : Home News News Paramilitaries suspected of 150,000 murders

Former members of demobilized paramilitary organization AUC have confessed to 30,000 murders so far, and prosecutors suspect them of a total 150,000 killings, newspaper El Tiempo reported on Monday.

1/18/2010 : 52 congress candidates are suspicious: El Espectador

Colombian newspaper El Espectador on Sunday published a list of "suspicious" candidates in March's Congress elections. The newspaper considers the candidates suspicious because of their closeness to the paramilitary power structure.

1/17/2010 : Brazil reiterates willingness to help with hostage releases

Brazil on Friday reiterated its willingness to help with the logistics of the release of two hostages held by the FARC, following news that the rebels would reject the country's help.

1/16/2010 : UN calls situation of Colombian indigenous "critical"

Colombia must look for a political solution to the country's violent conflict to improve the "grave and critical" situation of its indigenous people, says a UN report to be released on Thursday.

1/15/2010 : Soldiers Accused of Extrajudicial Killings Freed

Over the last two weeks, 31 Colombian soldiers accused of the forced disappearance and murder of 11 young men from the poor Bogotá suburb of Soacha have been released from prison on the grounds that they were not formally indicted within 90 days of their arrest, as established by Colombian law.

1/14/2010 : Colombia ruling backs Uribe reelection bid

Colombia's Constitutional Court should approve a referendum to allow President Alvaro Uribe to run for reelection, the country's ombudsman said on Tuesday, in a ruling bolstering the U.S. ally's chances of a third term.

1/13/2010 : Groundbreaking Changes in US Aid to Colombia

Human Rights First today praised passage of legislation that, for the first time, links U.S. aid to Colombia and Guatemala to the protection of human rights activists in those countries.

1/12/2010 : US: Chiquita settles suits over terror payments

Chiquita Brands International Inc., which in 2007 pleaded guilty to U.S. charges of paying terrorist groups in Colombia for protection, said it reached a "favorable" settlement of shareholder lawsuits over the illegal payments.

1/11/2010 : Defending Human Rights in Colombia is a Deadly Job

Il Colombia, there is a systemic persecution of human rights defenders in order to guarantee impunity – terrorism needs impunity. The closing-off of space for criticism, scrutiny and condemnations is very worrisome. Whoever does this kind of work will be subject to persecution, in the form of attacks or judicializaciones (trumped-up charges).

1/11/2010 : FARC refuses intervention by Brazil but suggests Argentina or Sweden has a role to play in the freeing of hostages

According to today’s edition of the magazine Semana FARC have rejected the possibility that Brazil could provide the logistics to facilitate the liberation of two soldiers held by the rebel group. Instead they have proposed that Argentina or Sweden undertake the role of guarantor in the process.

1/10/2010 : Temporary releases are manifestations of impunity: PG

Colombia's Prosecutor General, Guillermo Mendoza Diago considers the high number of temporary liberations following the incapacity of the Prosecution to start a trial on time "manifestations of impunity."

1/9/2010 : Chavez says Venezuela jets intercepted US plane

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday that he had ordered F-16 jets to intercept a US military plane that twice violated Venezuelan airspace earlier in the day.

1/8/2010 : FARC threatens mayors against siding with Uribe

Mayors in the central Colombian Tolima department said Wednesday that they were threatened by the FARC for supporting the government of President Alvaro Uribe.

1/7/2010 : Colombian rebels say killed governor, blame Uribe

Left-wing Colombian rebels said on Tuesday they killed a provincial governor soon after seizing him last month rather than trying him for corruption as planned, and blamed his death on an attempt to rescue him by force.

1/6/2010 : New displacement figures continue to generate controversy

The director of the government agency for social action in Colombia, Diego Andres Molano Aponte reported a 56% decrease in displacement for the year of 2009, with more than 107,752 people displaced by violence this year compared to 285,090 people at this time in 2008. However, Jaime Rojas, CODHES director believes that there are more than 300,000 displaced people this year, though statistics are unconfirmed according to reports by El Tiempo.

1/5/2010 : Colombian police claim lower murder rates, other entities report alarming rise

While Colombia's National Police claims a decrease in homicides in 2009, it admits the murder rate in the three largest cities grew explosively. However, numbers released by other judicial bodies indicate the number of homicides is going up.

1/2/2010 : Colombian planes bomb rebel camps: defense minister

Colombian warplanes bombed two leftist rebel camps in the southern Meta region in a New Year's Day raid that killed 18 rebels and resulted in the capture of 11 others, the country's defense minister said.

1/1/2010 : Betancourt supports military rescue of hostages

Former FARC hostage Ingrid Betancourt Thursday denounced a humanitarian exchange or prisoner swap with the FARC as a "fantasy" and claimed that a military rescue would be a more probable solution for kidnap victims.

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