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1/30/2008 : Chavez 'needed' to release Betancourt

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is needed for releasing the French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt, Betancourt's sister says.

1/28/2008 : Colombia orders blockade of rebel hostage camps

Colombia ordered troops to surround jungle camps where rebels hold hundreds of kidnap victims in hopes of forcing their release despite concerns the move could endanger the lives of the hostages.

1/25/2008 : Clara Rojas’ exclusive interview with Radio France International (RFI) - a personal message for Ingrid Betancourt.

Clara Rojas was interviewed by Veronique Gaymard in Madrid, where she took part in an Annual Conference on victims of terrorism. Two weeks after her being set free, she gave RFI her first interview with international media.

1/24/2008 : Escape attempt by Ingrid Betancourt

The book called “My Escape to Freedom” by John Frank Pinchao, the policeman held prisoner by FARC who escaped last April, is due out next week in Colombia. In one chapter, published in advance by El Tiempo, the former hostage relates one of Ingrid Betancourt’s escape attempts. The International Courier printed an extract.

1/23/2008 : Colombia: how the ICRC helped in the release of Clara and Consuelo

The freeing of the two women hostages highlighted the ICRC's work in the long conflict in Colombia, which has created millions of victims. Barbara Hintermann, head of the ICRC delegation in Bogota, gives the background to the release operation and to broader aspects of ICRC concern.

1/22/2008 : Hostages in Colombia: Uribe’s diplomatic counter-attack with regard to Sarkozy

Monday, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe defended his policy of “crushing” FARC and his proposals to free hostages, when meeting his counterpart, President Sarkozy, in a diplomatic counter-attack aimed at President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

1/21/2008 : Ingrid Betancourt’s mother blamed by Head of Colombian Army

Yolanda Pulecio, the mother of Ingrid Betancourt held by FARC since 23 February is being blamed by the Head of the Colombian army.

1/20/2008 : Colombian revives European trio's hostage mediation

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe will hold talks with his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, on Monday after inviting France, Spain and Switzerland to resume their mediation role in an effort to free 44 hostages held by Marxist rebels, his office said.

1/17/2008 : In "proof of life" letters, Colombian hostages detail suffering

A satchel of letters carried out of the jungle by two women freed by Colombian rebels details the heart-wrenching suffering and depredation of the hostages still held captive.

1/16/2008 : US rejects Chavez call to remove FARC terror group label

Washington rejected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's call for the international community to stop branding Colombia's Marxist rebels terrorists, amid news of the leftists' apparent seizure of six more hostages Monday.

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