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Feb. 11 at 5pm EST (Paris time : 11pm) on POW/MIA Freedom Radio : listen to Jo Rosano, the mother of Marc Gonsalves
(Marc is one of the three U.S. hostages detained by the Farc)

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1/26/2007 : Astrid Betancourt welcomes French government’s commitment to her sister’s liberation.

Astrid Betancourt welcomes the “determination and ongoing attempts” of the French government in favour of the liberation of her sister Ingrid held hostage by FARC in Colombia for nearly five years.

1/25/2007 : Colombian Government Is Ensnared in a Paramilitary Scandal

The government of President Álvaro Uribe, the largest recipient of American aid outside the Middle East, has found itself ensnared in a widening scandal as revelations surface of a secret alliance between some of the president’s most prominent political supporters and paramilitary death squads.

1/24/2007 : In 2006, FARC murdered 45 hostages.

In 2006, FARC murdered 45 hostages because their families did not pay the ransom demanded, according to Gustavo Munoz, Chairman, of an association of relatives of those held hostage in Colombia.

1/23/2007 : Manifesto in support of Ingrid Betancourt

A group calling themselves the “Ingrid Betancourt collective” launched a manifesto in support of her freedom which will besubmitted to all presidential candidates.

1/22/2007 : FARC; refuse to free on humanitarian grounds

FARC rebels dismissed possibility of freeing a hostage as a humanitarian gesture. They also confirmed demands to demilitarise 2 zones in south-west Colombia to achieve a humanitarian exchange.

1/18/2007 : Colombian militia leader confesses to massacres

A senior commander of Colombia’s rightwing militias has admitted taking part in some of the country’s most grisly crimes in the first of what could become a flood of confessions from demobilised paramilitary leaders.

1/16/2007 : Betancourt in good health, according to ‘reliable sources.

The Colombian government confirmed that French- Colombian hostage, Ingrid Betancourt, held by FARC was in “ good health”, saying this information was reliable and was obtained from “diplomatic and intelligence services”.

1/15/2007 : Ingrid Betancourt’s mother describes statements by Juan Manuel Santos as disrespectful; she insists that a humanitarian agreement be sought.

Yolanda Pulecio described as “disrespectful” the statements made by Juan Manuel Santos.. “I am very upset, because, some time ago, when Francisco Santos (the current Vice-President) was freed, only a negotiated settlement was considered and not a military operation, because the aim was to recover him alive”.

1/15/2007 : Kidnap debate renewed in Colombia

Colombia's interior minister said Monday that kidnapped former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt was in good health, reopening a national debate over freeing thousands being held captive by mostly leftist rebels.

1/14/2007 : Ex-Colombian Official Describes Escape

In six years as a captive, Fernando Araujo held onto his sanity by keeping to a daily routine and lingering on every task - even drinking a cup of water - for as long as possible.

1/13/2007 : Constitutional Court Holds Out Hope for Displaced

In Colombia, more than 172,000 people were forcibly displaced from their homes and land -- an average of 637 a day -- from January to September 2006. The total number of people displaced by violence in civil war-torn Colombia in the past 20 years is 3.7 million...

1/10/2007 : Ingrid Betancourt‘s mother opposes military rescue

The mother of Ingrid Betancourt, the former presidential candidate in Colombia considers a military rescue would endanger the life of the hostages and asks President Alvaro Uribe to seek a humanitarian agreement with FARC.

1/9/2007 : Escaped Colombian former minister vows to help release of other hostages

Former Colombian Development Minister Fernando Araudjo, who escaped from his kidnappers a week ago, told Colombian media on Sunday that he would work hard to help the release of other hostages.

1/6/2007 : Colombian Ex-Official Escapes Rebels

A former Cabinet minister said Friday he escaped from six years in rebel captivity by fleeing through the jungle after troops attacked the guerrillas who held him.

1/3/2007 : Rebels kill 5 in attacks in rural Colombia

Leftist rebels dragged four community leaders from their homes and shot them in a park in rural Colombia, authorities said Tuesday.

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