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2/26/2007 : Colombia head 'ready for talks'

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has expressed willingness to reopen "direct contact" with left-wing Farc rebels.

2/23/2007 : I am not forgetting Ingrid Betancourt

“As the test of endurance continues without end, I want to say that I am not forgetting Ingrid Betancourt”, writes President Jacques Chirac in a letter to Yolanda Pulecio, mother of the former ecology deputy Ingrid Betancourt, held hostage for five years by left wing rebels, FARC in Colombia.

2/20/2007 : Betancourt's daughter urges French premier to do more to free her mother

The daughter of kidnapped Franco-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt told the French premier Tuesday that she believed his government had not done its utmost to free her mother.

2/19/2007 : Colombia senator arrested for paramilitary links

Colombian Sen. Alvaro Araujo, brother of the country's foreign minister, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of financing drug-running paramilitaries who have committed atrocities in a dirty war against leftists.

2/13/2007 : U.S. diplomat supports military rescue of kidnapped Americans in Colombia

A top U.S. official said Wednesday that America supports the military rescue of three kidnapped U.S. defense contractors in Colombia, even as families of other hostages say such an operation could endanger the lives of their loved ones.

"This is a way of death for the hostages," said Jo Rosano, mother of Marc Gonsalves, who was kidnapped four years ago while on a small plane carrying out an intelligence mission over the jungles of southern Colombia.

2/12/2007 : Holy Father Urges Colombia Toward Peace

Benedict XVI urged Colombian Catholics and all people of good will to take a decisive role in ending the country's long-standing conflict. The Pope made these comments today, upon receiving the letters of credence of the new ambassador of Colombia to the Holy See, Juan Gómez Martínez.

2/11/2007 : Colombia's Army Finds Missing Soldier

An army captain, who was presumed dead after he disappeared more than three years ago, was found alive chained to a tree after skirmishes with leftist rebels Thursday, the military said.

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