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2/28/2006 : FARC, Noah's Ark and "peace in 6 months"….

Peace in six months in Colombia after 40 years of conflict… Alvaro Leyva Duran has put this apparently nonsensical offer to the voters, as an independent candidate in the Colombian Presidential elections on 28 May. Called "Noah's Ark", his programme interests Manuel Maralunda, leader of FARC.

2/27/2006 : Colombian rebels kill seven councillors

At least seven town councilors were killed on Monday by FARC in a southern Colombian town.

2/24/2006 : Day of support for Ingrid Betancourt

Ingrid Betancourt has been held by FARC in Colombia for fours years. A week of demonstrations and support events has been organised in France and many other countries

2/23/2006 : Four Years Today

FARC rebels in Colombia have held Ingrid Betancourt with her friend Clara Rojas for 1460 days and nights. These numbers, do they still mean something? Do they mean an unbearable wait, the anguish of her family, who has not had 'proof of life' for months and who reel from hope to disappointment and back without ever giving up, each day seeking another way to get support from a Minister, a Deputy, a journalist?

In France thousands of people, aided by support groups have also mobilised. They march, they demonstrate, launch balloons, in short they do what they can to remind us that this young woman is still held prisoner, down there, in a Colombia that they don’t even know.

2/21/2006 : More than 10,000 letters of support sent to relatives of hostages.

Nearly 1000 letters have been added to the 10.000 already sent by EU citizens to express solidarity with the families of hostages in Colombia.

2/18/2006 : Astrid Betancourt; Free my sister!

Astrid Betancourt, Ingrid's sister, relates the story of how she awaits her sister's return.

2/17/2006 : A new video?

Some days prior to the fourth anniversary of the kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt by FARC, the hostage is said to have recorded a new video.

2/16/2006 : Amnesty : "electoral campaign in Colombia must not be a campaign of intimidation"

Impunity and attacks on freedom of expression are threatening the upcoming Congressional and Presidential elections in Colombia, says Amnesty International

2/15/2006 : Colombian policeman held 7 yrs by FARC dies - report

A Colombian police captain captured by leftist rebels more than seven years ago died in a secret jungle camp last month, local media reported on Wednesday, the day his daughter turned 14.

2/13/2006 : Betancourt’s husband runs for Congress

Juan Carlos Le-compte, the husband of kidnapped former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, said Sunday he planned to run for a seat in Colombia’s Congress in the March elections.

2/11/2006 : The Media’s Drug War Propaganda

Following last month’s killing of 29 soldiers by rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), President Alvaro Uribe was determined to make a statement to Colombians and the world that his government was winning both the civil conflict and the war on drugs. However, in order to get his message out effectively, Uribe needed the international media’s cooperation...

2/11/2006 : Support evening for Ingrid Betancourt and Colombian hostages.

In Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), the support concert for Ingrid Betancourt and Suu Kyi will be broadcast on the Internet. It's a first : the concert will be broadcast directly on the Internet thanks to co-operation from UCL (Catholic University of Louvain), VUB (University of Brussels) and Belnet, the national Belgian research networks.

2/9/2006 : Colombia: Attacks on freedom of expression threaten elections

Death threats and attacks against journalists, candidates and public officials are undermining the rule of law in Colombia and could raise doubts about the fairness of the elections, said Amnesty International (AI) in a new report published today.

2/2/2006 : Colombia: humanitarian situation remains of concern

The ICRC's director of operations, Pierre Krähenbühl, says the position of those affected by the ongoing violence in Colombia remains serious. He said that the ICRC stands ready to act as a facilitator and intermediary in any release of hostages or of police officers and soldiers held by armed groups. However, he said he had little indication that negotiations on this question had made progress.

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