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Expo Colombia 2010: Colombia in 18 panels

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12/30/2010 : Drug lord Pedro Guerrero killed, Colombia's president says

Guerrero, who was also the chief of a right-wing paramilitary group, was believed to have been mortally wounded Christmas Day when elite police raided his remote Colombian camp.

12/28/2010 : Colombia's murder rate eases, still high

Colombia's murder rate declined somewhat in 2010, but at four times the world average, it remained staggeringly high, authorities said Monday.

12/27/2010 : Colombian Government and FARC Were Asked to Release Streamline Process

Relatives of five abductees whom the FARC announced that they would release, today reiterated the request to the Colombian government and rebels to expedite the process that will allow the return of their loved ones and others who are deprived of freedom.

12/23/2010 : Lack of government protection hurts Colombia's displaced

Colombia has the second largest number of IDPs after Sudan due to fighting between government troops and leftist rebels, drug gangs and paramilitary groups. The conflict has uprooted four million Colombians during the last three decades.

12/22/2010 : Nukak's desperate plea to return home

A leader of the Nukak tribe from the Colombian Amazon has made a desperate appeal for his people’s survival before the country’s top human rights committee.

12/21/2010 : Santos says waiting on FARC to proceed with hostage release

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Monday his government is waiting on signs of the FARC to move forward with operations that should lead to the unilateral release of five FARC captives.

12/18/2010 : Putting a Face to the Numbers

According to official figures cited by "Breaking the Silence", more than 42,300 people have been forcibly disappeared since 1977, although the statistics and years of reference vary depending on the government agency. The report adds that "the full total remains unknown."

12/16/2010 : Colombian president supports ex-senator's hostage rescue efforts

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Tuesday confirmed he would help former Senator Piedad Cordoba's bid to free five hostages taken by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels.

12/15/2010 : Parties to Colombia conflict raped almost 15,000 women in 2001-09

Colombia's armed groups and, to a far lesser extent, its army raped 14,779 women between 2001 and 2009 - or five women a day on average - and forced hundreds more into prostitution, a study has found.

12/14/2010 : US indicts Dutchwoman, 17 other rebels on terror charges

The United States indicted Dutchwoman Tanja Nijmeijer and 17 other members of Colombia's FARC rebel group Tuesday on terrorism charges stemming from the kidnapping of US hostages, the Justice Department said.

12/12/2010 : Uribe compared Chavez to Hitler: WikiLeaks .

Colombia's former President Alvaro Uribe told a U.S. diplomatic mission that the threat posed by his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez in Latin America was comparable to that of Hitler in Europe in the 1930s, leaked diplomatic cables released Friday showed.

12/11/2010 : Disappearances in Colombia on a Scale Never Imagined

More than 51,000 people are registered by the Colombian government as disappeared or missing. Those who were forcibly disappeared -- what we might think of as political disappearances -- range in official statistics from over one quarter of that total to more than 32,000, as detailed in the report, Breaking the Silence: In Search of Colombia's Disappeared, just released for Human Rights Day by the Latin America Working Group Education Fund (LAWGEF) and the U.S. Office on Colombia (USOC). But the real total is likely to be much higher, as new and old cases are entered into a consolidated government database. And many cases are never registered at all.

12/10/2010 : Sarkozy used Betancourt for political gain: WikiLeaks

French President Nicolas Sarkozy used the captivity of French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt for political gain and only managed to raise her value as a hostage for the FARC, then-U.S. Ambassador to Paris told then-President George W. Bush in a 2008 cable leaked by WikiLeaks.

12/9/2010 : FARC rebel group announces release of five Colombian captives

Colombia’s rebel group FARC on Wednesday announced in a letter sent to former Senator Piedad Cordoba that it will release five captive people in the coming days.

12/8/2010 : 40 years prison for soldiers in 'false positive' murders

Three soldiers have been sentenced to 40 years in prison for murdering two minors and reporting them as members of a criminal gang, Caracol Radio reported Tuesday.

12/6/2010 : Colombia cuts massacre sentence

A court in Colombia has sentenced a former paramilitary commander, who has admitted ordering the killing of more than 4,000 people, to eight years in prison.

12/4/2010 : Alvaro Uribe settles scores with the press on air

Some 40 people – including Radio Nizkor journalist Claudia Julieta Duque – on 30 November filed complaints against former president Alvaro Uribe linked to his alleged responsibility in the “Dasgate” illegal phone-tapping, threats and sabotage laid at the door of the intelligence services.

12/2/2010 : Death of Mono Jojoy forces FARC to carry out different strategy: NGO

The death in September of the FARC's military leader "Mono Jojoy" was the guerrillas' biggest blow in eight years. However, Colombia's largest rebel group is far from extinct, says independent think tank Nuevo Arco Iris.

12/1/2010 : Belgium investigates Colombian 'spying'

Judicial authorities in Belgium formally opened an investigation into the alleged spying activities of Colombia's intelligence agency DAS in the European country.

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