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12/15/2007 : French singer Renaud to Americans : "Help free the people held hostage by Colombia's largest rebel group”

Renaud, the French singer, engaged for the release of the Franco-Colombian, Ingrid Betancourt,  challenges the United States in a page of publicity published in English in "Le Monde", a french newspaper. He asks american citizens to also mobilize for three Americans currently held hostage by the Farc.

12/14/2007 : Hostages: Uribe wants hostages to be freed “unconditionally”

As he welcomes initiatives by Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe denounces in an exclusive interview in Le Figaro, actions of the guerrillas, who run a “mafia-type” organisation.

12/12/2007 : Colombian Vice-President critical of Ingrid Betancourt committees

The Vice-President of Colombia criticised strongly the actions of committees set up to support the French -Colombian woman Ingrid Betancourt, who, in his opinion are an obstacle to her liberation.

12/11/2007 : Marches in Paris & Brussels in support of Colombian hostages.

Several associations set up in support of Ingrid Betancourt held protest marches today in Paris and Brussels to ask the Colombian government to allow President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez to resume his mediation efforts to further a humanitarian agreement with Farc.

12/11/2007 : Fillon’s crusade to free Betancourt

The investiture ceremony of Argentina’s new President, Christina Kirchner which brought together the majority of South-American heads of state would have been a strong international lobby in favour of the freeing of French-Colombian Ingrid Betancourt to the great satisfaction of French Prime Minister, Francois Fillon and of course, her mother Yolanda Pulecio.

12/7/2007 : Uribe to set up a ‘meeting zone’

President Uribe stated he will create a ‘meeting zone’ to negotiate with Farc. This zone will be demilitarised where 45 hostage scan be swapped for 500 guerrillas. Neither the Colombian army nor Farc personnel will be armed.

12/7/2007 : FARC warns Sarkozy to tone down

The Colombian rebel movement the FARC has called on French President Nicolas Sarkozy to tone down. The movement says the president should not give the impression that he is bias, if he wants any chance of the hostages being released.

12/6/2007 : Colombia hostage families ask Chavez for more help

Families of hostages held by Colombian rebels have asked Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to keep trying to broker a deal to free the kidnap victims despite being fired from that job by Colombia's leader two weeks ago.

12/4/2007 : Ingrid Betancourt’s hidden message

Lucia Nieto, the psychologist from the association Pays Libre*, has analysed the demeanour shown by the Colombian citizen, Ingrid Betancourt in the video showing several hostages held by FARC, to interpret for us what the silence of the former Senator really signifies as she is videoed by her kidnappers.

12/3/2007 : No news of Clara Rojas

In her letter, Ingrid Betancourt states clearly that she knows nothing of the fate of her campaign associate, with whom she was kidnapped in February 2002, and who is the mother of a child born in captivity, three years ago, called Emmanuel.

12/1/2007 : Colombian hostage letter released

A letter from Ingrid Betancourt, the French-Colombian politician held by Colombian rebels, has been released, detailing her life in captivity.

12/1/2007 : Colombian rebel films show foreign hostages alive

"The video indicates torture, particularly in the case of Dr Ingrid Betancourt and Senator Eladio Perez," Uribe said.

11/30/2007 : Colombia Seizes Videotapes of Hostages

Colombian officials released on Friday newly obtained videos of rebel-held hostages, among them three U.S. defense contractors and a former presidential candidate _ the first images in years providing evidence the captives may be alive.

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