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Expo Colombia 2010: Colombia in 18 panels

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8/30/2010 : Santos promises to return 6 million hectares to displaced

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Saturday promised to return 6 million hectares of farmland that were stolen by paramilitary groups after displacing its original owners.

8/27/2010 : Facebook Hitlist Fear:Columbia Facebook Hit-list Murders- Three Teens Dead

Facebook seems to have trouble following it every step of the way, as recently in Columbia a hitlist was seen on the popular site that included the names of three youths who ended up being murdered.

8/25/2010 : Unasur to cooperate in Colombia, Venezuela negotiations, Kirchner assures

Union of South American Nations (Unasur) Secretary-General Néstor Kirchner announced the organism is ready to "work towards the normalization of relations" between Caracas and Bogotá, which have begun improving after the meeting held between presidents Hugo Chávez and Juan Manuel Santos on August 10. Kirchner acted as mediator in that occasion.

8/24/2010 : Colombia rules out UNASUR mediation with FARC

Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon said Monday that the government will not allow regional body UNASUR to mediate in the conflict with the FARC, as the guerrilla group proposed.

8/19/2010 : Government to respect ruling on US military pact

Colombian Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera said Wednesday that the government will abide by the Constitutional Court's ruling that a military pact signed with the U.S. is not constitutional until ratified by Colombia's Congress.

8/17/2010 : Colombia rejects Farc talks offer

The Colombian goverment has rejected an offer for talks from the country's most powerful rebel group.

8/14/2010 : Caracol Radio car-bomb bodes ill five days after new president’s installation

A car bomb exploded at around 5:30 this morning outside the Bogotá building that houses Caracol Radio, one of Colombia’s leading radio stations, and the bureau of the Spanish news agency EFE, causing the roof to collapse and inflicting minor injuries on nine people. The radio station had been broadcasting a news programme for 30 minutes when the bomb went off.

8/11/2010 : Colombia, Venezuela Agree to Restore Diplomatic Relations After Dispute

Venezuela and Colombia agreed to restore diplomatic relations and vowed to step up security along their border to prevent Marxist guerrillas and drug traffickers from mounting attacks or using dense jungle for hideouts.

8/10/2010 : Chavez urges Colombian rebels to release all hostages

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday urged Colombian guerrillas to free all their hostages as part of a peace process with Colombia's new president Juan Manuel Santos.

8/8/2010 : Colombia's new president lays out his vision in speech

Juan Manuel Santos catapulted to the presidency of Colombia after the armed forces, under his watch, delivered the biggest blows against the FARC rebel group in the country's long conflict.

8/7/2010 : Uribe's Colombia: The dark side of a country transformed

Departing president's tough policies against the Marxist Farc rebels leaves a mixed legacy

8/6/2010 : Colombia: Denunciations Against Presidents Son Ratified

Former Superintendent of Notaries and Registration, Manuel Guillermo Cuello, reaffirmed his denunciations against Tomas Uribe, the eldest son of President Alvaro Uribe, allegedly involved in offering bribes for his father's re-election in 2006.

8/5/2010 : NGO: 'Alarming' link between US aid and 'false positives'

A report released by U.S. NGO the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) finds an "alarming link" between Colombian military units that received U.S. funding and cases of extrajudicial killings or "false positives" -- in which civilians were murdered and presented as guerrillas killed in combat -- committed by those units.

8/4/2010 : ICC may intervene in Colombia: Spanish judge

High-profile Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon said Tuesday that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will "obviously intervene," if Colombia fails in its obligations to provide justice to the victims of the country's conflict.

8/3/2010 : Three-Time Victims: Colombians Continue to Face Violence, Neglect, and Stigma...

Victims of the on-going conflict in Colombia not only suffer from the direct consequences of violence caused by the conflict but also from social and institutional stigma and neglect, according to a report released today by the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

8/2/2010 : UN criticizes Colombia's human rights record

A report from the United Nations' (U.N.) Human Right's Committee applauds Colombia's legislative initiatives in the fight against gender violence but criticizes the country's lack of progress with the demobilization of illegal armed groups, labelling impunity as "the main problem" which the Andean nation currently faces.

8/1/2010 : Protest by gagged journalists to demand respect for free expression

Journalists employed by two radio stations in Yopal, the capital of the northeastern department of Casanare, stopped work today and demonstrated silently, with their mouths gagged, in the city’s main square to protest against a lawsuit targeting eight of their colleagues and to demand respect for freedom of information.

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