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8/29/2009 : Leaders Criticize Colombia Over U.S. Military Pact

Left-leaning South American leaders criticized Colombia on Friday for agreeing to allow the United States to increase its military presence on Colombian bases.

8/27/2009 : Indigenous family massacred in Nariño

Unknown men massacred at least five adults and three children of the indigenous Awa in the south Colombian Nariño department, indigenous representatives said Wednesday.

8/26/2009 : The presidential re-election syndrome torments Latinamerica

Presidential re-election has become a controversial issue in Latinamerican politics and some of the latest incidents are regional headlines including the current upheaval in Honduras which remains unsolved and can be traced to ousted President Manuel Zelaya alleged re-election bid.

8/25/2009 : FARC is the best instrument of US empire: Morales

The FARC are "the best instrument of the U.S. empire" as the fight against the guerrillas has become the pretext for U.S. military presence in Colombia, Bolivian President Evo Morales said Monday.

8/23/2009 : Uribe's "New " Colombia

Civil conflict, high-profile kidnappings, and entire cities run by drug cartels; these are just some of the images of violence and terror that steered tourists away from Colombia for over thirty years.

8/22/2009 : Rape of Colombian child by U.S. soldier sparks more debate over military bases

Because American troops are not bound by treaties of international law and human rights, such as the International Criminal Court (ICC), they operate with immunity overseas.

8/21/2009 : Colombian Vote Bolsters Uribe's Chances to Seek Third Term

President Álvaro Uribe, whose government has forged a close alliance with the United States to fight Marxist guerrillas and drug traffickers, stepped closer to extending his presidency when Colombia's Senate voted late Wednesday in favor of an effort to allow him to run for reelection.

8/20/2009 : Colombia arrests ex-security head in connection with a high-profile unsolved murder.

Colombian authorities have arrested a former head of the secret police - the Das - in connection with a high-profile unsolved murder. Gen Miguel Maza Marquez was detained over the assassination of presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan.

8/19/2009 : Some 4,000 ex-paramilitaries form criminal groups in Colombia.

At least 4,000 ex-members of paramilitary groups from the extreme right, who demobilised in Colombia between 2003 and 2006, have now rejoined criminal organisations. The newspaper El Tempo confirmed on Tuesday that they are implicated in drug trafficking, extortion and kidnapping.

8/18/2009 : Colombian rebels release videos of hostages

Colombian guerrillas released videos on Monday of a soldier and a police officer they are holding hostage, raising hopes that they and 22 other kidnap victims held in secret jungle camps might be freed.

8/17/2009 : Chavez says Obama "lost in space" on Latin America

U.S. President Barack Obama is "lost in the Andromeda" galaxy on Latin American policy, his chief critic in the region, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, said on Sunday, while demanding the closure of U.S. military bases.

8/16/2009 : Colombia, US finalize deal on military bases

Colombia says it has finalized an agreement with the United States allowing Washington to use its military bases to track drug-runners, despite anger elsewhere in Latin America over the idea.

8/15/2009 : Geneva Conventions work, but need greater respect

The laws of war spelt out in the Geneva Conventions are as relevant today as 60 years ago but persuading everyone, from rebels to government forces, to abide by them has proved a gargantuan task.

8/13/2009 : Colombia rebels leader open to talks

Colombia's FARC rebels are open to negotiations with the government if they get guarantees for safe conditions for talks, the top guerrilla commander said in an interview released on Wednesday.

8/12/2009 : 60th anniversary of Geneva Conventions

The Geneva Conventions are 60 years old on Wednesday, but the anniversary comes amid concern that respect for the rules of war is small.

For more than fifty years, Colombia has been the victim of an armed conflict featuring different opposing actors: the state, the FARC guerrilla movement and the paramilitary group AUC (United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia).

The conclusion of a humanitarian accord in the case of armed conflict is a recommendation of international humanitarian law which Colombia has committed to honour. The strategy of the Colombian government which refuses to use this term and replaces it with the term ‘war on terror’ is a way for the government to abdicate its responsibilities.

8/11/2009 : Intended Colombia-U.S. military agreement causes regional concerns

An intended Colombia-U.S. military agreement has led to wide concerns in South America that it means an increased U.S. military presence in the region.

8/10/2009 : Chavez claims Colombia 'incursion'

Venezuela's president has accused Colombia of sending soldiers across the border into his country's territory, escalating tensions between the Latin American neighbours.

8/9/2009 : U.S. Plan Raises Ire in Latin America

A U.S. plan to deploy troops and station aircraft at several Colombian military bases has generated controversy across Latin America, with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez warning that it could lead to war and the president of Brazil saying that he did not like the idea of an expanded U.S. presence in the region.

8/8/2009 : International key figures demand that Uribe and FARC speed up the liberation of hostages.

A group of international notables have today asked both the Colombian president, Álvaro Uribe and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to speed up the liberation of soldiers currently kidnapped and to continue to seek a way forward to bring the humanitarian exchange to a conclusion.

8/5/2009 : Colombia's Uribe on trip to defend US bases pact

President Alvaro Uribe headed off on a whirlwind South American tour Tuesday to defend his plans to expand the U.S. military's presence in Colombia, a prospect that worries even friendly nations in the region.

8/4/2009 : Three soldiers and one policeman begin their twelfth year as FARC hostages.

Three soldiers and one policeman have completed their eleventh year of captivity today. They are being held by the FARC guerrilla movement which imprisoned them August 3rd 1998 following its capture of a military base in the south of Colombia.

8/4/2009 : An expert's view on Colombian Diplomacy

Finding itself in regular full-blown crisis with Venezuela and Ecuador, Bogotá systematically reacts by emphasising the obvious links between these two countries and the FARC guerrilla movement. Sandra Borda Guzmán, Colombian expert in International Relations deplores this short-sighted political posturing and expands on the limits of this stance.

8/3/2009 : 15 Colombian soldiers convicted of homicide

A court has sentenced 15 Colombian soldiers to as much as 30 years in prison for the slaying of two brothers falsely identified as guerrillas, the Attorney General's Office announced Sunday. Judicial officials are investigating the death of 1,600 people believed to have been killed by soldiers who later falsely reported them as guerrillas.

8/2/2009 : Displaced to leave central Bogota square

A sprawling refugee tent city just blocks from the presidential palace has become a nagging reminder to residents of Colombia's cosmopolitan capital that a brutal conflict is being fought in far-flung provinces.

8/1/2009 : Venezuela accuses Colombia of risking regional peace

The Venezuelan government on Thursday accused Colombia of putting South America's peace and stability at risk by allowing the United States to establish military bases in its territory.

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