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8/31/2006 : Terrified Colombians say children forced to fight

Leftist rebels battling for control of this impoverished corner of Colombia are increasingly using a recruiting tactic associated with Africa's bloody civil conflicts -- abducting children and forcing them into their ranks, residents say.

8/27/2006 : Colombia: Growing numbers of displaced in north east

Violent clashes between the parties to the conflict, threats to the civilian population and the death of two community leaders has caused dozens of families to flee their homes in north-eastern Colombia.

8/26/2006 : Colombia : Second Journalist Killed In a Month

Atilano Segundo Pérez Barrios, a commentator for Radio Vigía de Todelar in the northern Colombian city of Cartegena, was shot dead in his apartment on 22 August 2006, becoming the second journalist killed in the country in the past month...

8/24/2006 : Colombian rebels say hostage exchange at a standstill

Colombia's largest rebel group is open to exchanging hostages for the release by the government of its guerrillas but plan is at a standstill, a spokesman for the rebels said in an interview released on Wednesday.

8/21/2006 : Government must not flout Court ruling on demobilization law

The Colombian government must refrain from further debilitating an already flawed Justice and Peace Law and instead reviewing the whole legal framework which regulates the demobilization process, Amnesty International said today.

8/19/2006 : Director-General condemns murder of Colombian journalist Milton Fabián Sánchez

The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura today condemned the murder of radio journalist Milton Fabián Sánchez in Yumbo, in southeastern Colombia on 9 August.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), twenty-five journalists have been killed in Colombia over the past decade.

8/15/2006 : Alvaro Uribe prepared to negotiate a peace treaty with FARC?

According to a magazine that has close governmental links, the administration of President Alvaro Uribe would be prepared to begin talks about a peace process with FARC leading to the freeing of at least 62 people kidnapped by them.

8/14/2006 : Two guerrilla groups accused of "war crimes".

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human rights (UNHCHR) condemned on Sunday last a series of "war crimes" committed by FARC and ELN, the two main rebels group in the north-east of Colombia.

8/13/2006 : FARC will not o to Parliament

FARC have rejected the invitation extended to its leaders to discuss a humanitarian agreement in the Parliament and they restate that there is no possibility of their agreeing to release hostages while Alvaro Uibe is President.

8/11/2006 : Community radio presenter gunned down near cali

Miltón Fabián Sánchez, a presenter for community radio station Yumbo Estéreo, was shot by hooded gunmen who got away on a motorcycle.

He is the second journalist to have been killed in Colombia since January 2005. A total of 69 others have received threats, which have forced some of them to flee the country.

8/10/2006 : President of Congress invites FARC ;leaders to talk peace in the National Parliament

The president of the National Congress has invited FARC leaders to peace talks in the Parliament

8/9/2006 : Hostages' families concerned by Uribe's silence

Relations of those 'exchangeable' hostages by FARC expressed their concern at not hearing a single reference to this problem during Alvaro Uribe's investiture speech.

8/8/2006 : Photographs of Ingrid Betancourt and other hostages held up during Uribe's speech

President Alvaro Uribe has been sworn in for a second term; during his speech, lawmakers held up photographs of Ingrid and other hostages.

8/7/2006 : A complex Colombia

Alvaro Uribe will be inaugurated for his second term this week after his landslide reelection, yet the country's 40-year civil conflict still rages, secret police appear embroiled with paramilitary killers, and 90 percent of the cocaine consumed in the United States is produced there.

8/6/2006 : Colombia's pro-Washington president faces stiff challenges in 2nd term

Uribe, Washington's closest ally in Latin America, faces stiff challenges trying to tame the four-decades-old insurgency and curb the world's largest cocaine industry.

8/4/2006 : Car bomb kills five in Colombia

A car bomb has exploded outside a police station in the Colombian city of Cali, killing at least five people.

8/1/2006 : Colombian car bomb kills one in capital, hurts 15

At least one civilian was killed and 15 soldiers injured on Monday by a car bomb targeting a military convoy in Bogota, the army said.

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