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4/30/2010 : Colombia: Human rights must be centre stage in election campaign

Respect for human rights should be a top priority for all the presidential candidates in Colombia, Amnesty International said today as it sent an open letter to all those standing in the 30 May presidential poll.

4/29/2010 : Cordoba and Samper launch campaign for FARC prisoner swap

Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba and former President Ernesto Samper launched a commission on Tuesday dedicated to promoting prisoner exchange with the FARC, despite opposition from the government, reports El Espectador.

4/28/2010 : European Parliament members call for wiretap investigation

Members of the European Parliament's Green Party called for the signing of the EU-Colombia free trade agreement to be put off until allegations that Colombian security agency DAS wiretapped the parliament have been investigated, reported Colombian media on Tuesday.

4/27/2010 : Colombia: plight of conflict victims mostly unreported

With the shift of the armed conflict away from densely populated areas towards more remote regions, the plight of tens of thousands of people who still bear the brunt of the fighting has become almost invisible, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said today.

4/25/2010 : Time is running out for victims of Colombia's conflict

The head of the National Reparation and Reconciliation Commission (NRRC) told El Tiempo on Thursday that the deadline, which is Thursday, should be extended to accommodate the thousands of victims of Colombia's armed conflict who are entitled to reparations, but have yet to file a claim.

4/24/2010 : 60% of Colombian tribes at ‘risk of extinction’

At least 64 out of 102 Colombian tribes are facing ‘extinction’, says leading indigenous organisation ONIC.

4/23/2010 : Increasing the visibility of all conflict victims in Colombia

Thousands of Colombians are suffering as a consequence of the armed conflict – often in silence. By recognizing them as victims, the ICRC is able to improve the assistance and protection activities it carries out on their behalf. Recognition likewise makes it easier for them to access the services offered by the Colombian government.

4/22/2010 : Colombian Militia Threatens Lawmakers, Rights Activists

Los Rastrojos, a band of drug-trafficking rightist paramilitaries, has made deaths threats against three Colombian senators and some 60 other individuals and groups active on behalf of social justice, the human rights organization Codhes said.

4/21/2010 : Cordoba: I am being prosecuted for crimes of opinion

Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba said Thursday that she is being prosecuted for a "crime of opinion," referring to charges placed against her by the inspector general of collaborating with the FARC guerrilla group.

4/20/2010 : UN denounces use of paid witnesses in 'false positives' trial

The United Nations on Thursday criticized the alleged appearance of paid false witnesses in the ongoing trials of Colombian soldiers for cases of extrajudicial executions.

4/17/2010 : Cordoba cancels trip to face FARC-politics charges

Senator Piedad Cordoba has cut short her tour of Europe in order to return to Colombia to deal with charges brought against her for alleged links to the FARC.

4/14/2010 : Proof of Life

FARC guerrillas turned over proof of life of two uniformed men they're holding hostage.
This morning, proof of life was submitted for Police Maj. Guillermo Javier Solorzano Julio and Army Cpl. Salin Antonio Sanmiguel. In the messages, the uniformed men ask that the matter of the humanitarian agreement be sped up to secure their freedom. "The humanitarian agreement is a national and international outcry.

4/10/2010 : Colombian Senator on Peace Tour of Europe

Liberal Senator Piedad Cordoba is traveling on Tuesday to Europe to achieve a humanitarian accord between the national government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

4/7/2010 : Santos: Door open for peace dialogue with FARC

Presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos said in an interview on television channel Teleantioquia, that under his leadership, the door to a peace dialogue with the FARC would be open, but with conditions.

4/2/2010 : Colombian Rebels Return Body of Dead Police Officer

Emperatriz de Guevara on Thursday received the remains of her son, Colombian police Maj. Julian Ernesto Guevara, who died in 2006 as a captive of leftist FARC rebels.

4/1/2010 : New sibling, new technology surprises long-time hostage - Feature

Life was hectic for Colombian soldier Pablo Emilio Moncayo a day after his release from 12 years of jungle captivity in the hands of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).
Reunited with his family on an airport runway in the southern Colombian city of Florencia, Moncayo's mother, Maria Cabrera, held two wonders that didn't exist when he last saw civilization: a digital camera and a little sister.

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