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4/30/2008 : French FM in Quito to relaunch hostage rescue

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has met with President Rafael Correa, in his bid to relaunch a rescue mission for hostages held by Colombian rebels, including French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt.

4/28/2008 : FARC rebels rule out further negotiations

Columbia's FARC rebels say they won't discuss hostage releases with anyone except Venezuelan presidnet Hugo Chavez. This as the French foreign minister flies to the region to drum up support for Ingrid Betancourt's release.

4/27/2008 : Plot to Kill Colombian Witness Exposed

The Colombian attorney general's office confirmed Friday that it had uncovered a plot to assassinate a key witness whose testimony has linked several Colombian congressmen, including President Álvaro Uribe's cousin, to death squads.

4/26/2008 : France's Kouchner to visit Latam on FARC hostages

Kouchner is due to visit Bogota on April 28, Quito on April 29, and Caracas on April 30 and will also discuss economic cooperation between France and the three countries, the Foreign Ministry said.

4/24/2008 : Colombian president says officials probing his role in massacre

Colombian officials are probing President Alvaro Uribe's alleged role in helping to plan a 1997 massacre by right-wing paramilitaries, in which 15 people were killed, Uribe himself said Wednesday.

4/23/2008 : Cousin of Colombian President Arrested in Death Squad Probe

Authorities on Tuesday arrested former senator Mario Uribe, a cousin and close ally of President Álvaro Uribe, for alleged ties to death squads in a widening inquiry that has implicated nearly a quarter of Colombia's Congress.

4/22/2008 : Uribe's cousin seeks asylum amid Colombia probe

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's cousin sought asylum in Costa Rica on Tuesday after prosecutors ordered him arrested for suspected ties to paramilitary squads in a deepening scandal for the U.S. ally.

4/19/2008 : Ingrid Betancourt is well, reports Colombian Senator, Piedad Cordoba.

Colombian Senator, Piedad Cordoba who has mediated with FARC stated Friday in Madrid that Ingrid Betancourt was ” well” and accused the Colombian Government of preventing a humanitarian agreement with the guerrilla movement.

4/16/2008 : Four dead forgotten in Ecuador in Ingrid Betancourt’s shadow

The killing of Raul Reyes, the FARC second- in- command not only interrupted negotiations to release Ingrid Betancourt. In the FARC camp the Colombian army also “found” a group of Mexican students who were attacked prior to their interview with Raul Reyes. There were five of them. One survived, the others were killed. Among the images shown after the raid were nearly naked bodies. Scattered human remains; the students had hung up their jeans overnight.

4/16/2008 : French government no longer has mediator among rebels

The French government no longer has a mediator in the rebel group since the death of the second in command of FARC, Raul Reyes, a leading rebel Ivan Marquez state din an interview published Tuesday by the AnnCol agency, a source close to the Colombian rebel group.

4/16/2008 : Betancourt Husband Looks for Clues

The husband of hostage Ingrid Betancourt vowed Wednesday to plunge off into jungle villages to hunt for clues to her situation following the failure of government-backed effort to aid her.

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