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War Crime

4/19/2005 - El Tiempo

The attack of the FARC last Thursday (14/04/2005) against Toribío (the Cauca), capital of the indigenous resistance of Colombia, is a war crime.

When a guerrilla makes military actions, as ambushes and attacks to trimmings and convoys of the Armed Forces in Iscuandé or Arauca, is a thing. When a guerilla raises a town to explosions and it assassinates innocent civilians is another one, in the today world no ideology justifies and has been, for that reason, object of most unanimous rejection.

The whole country, Colombia, follows slope of Maria Hilda Orocué, from 16 years, with a pregnancy of six months, that remains in the University Hospital of the Valle, where arrived with part of explosives in her head after the assault of the FARC to Toribío, last Thursday.

To burn with gas cylinders a town from the hills that surround it, ending a twenty of houses, killing to a boy of 9 years and two police and hurting to 15 civilians, to evacuate to the people of houses and schools to use it like parapets, with the story to attack a station of police, and, to make matters worse, to fly three days later with another blow of cylinder the local hospital does not have anything of ' action of war will

And, under the new definitions that begin to discuss in the UN when the target is civil innocents, a terrorism act.

This is not about an isolated incident, but a repeated pattern. The facts exceed that demonstrate to what extent the supposed war of the FARC against the State is, in fact, against the society. Between the 11 of February and the 9 of April, 14 front and Jurisdictional the Teófilo Forero branch assassinated to three councilmen in the Caquetá, two of them, Armando Zafra (dead along with its brother) and Miriam Martinez, in Puerto Rico, and another one, Jorge Enrique Cordova, in San Vicente del the Caguán.

The 10 of April, in the path the El Sereno, of Urrao (Antioquia), members of front 34 assassinated Jesus Antonio Higuita, from 72 years, kidnapped seven months before, and, when several voluntary firemen of Urrao arrived to gather the body, to order of the guerrillas, these came to kill to cold blood to two of them, William Alexander Correa and Juan Fernando Oquendo. The 12 of April, near Baraya (Huila), members of front 17 kidnapped Ms. Ligia Calderón de Solano, aged 72, who appeared shot few days later.

It is not necessary to be called to deceits. Long ago that, having turned to the drug trafficking their privileged banker and contaminated by their methods and those of the paramilitary ones, the FARC was degraded to the most inconceivable inequalities against the civil populace. ' Raul Reyes', member of the Secretariat of the FARC, described the attack against Toribío like "part as the answer of the Colombian town to the war of the Colombian State". Improbable cynicism: a guerrilla who makes massacres, moves farmers, demolishes towns, she uses arms with which knows that she is going to kill innocents, assassin young and old and, above, she continues saying that she does in name of the town.

The massacre of Toribío is a measurement of open revenge against the natives, who resist to all armed intervention, official or illegal, in its territory. With political resemblance, it is not rare that the FARC is more and more isolated and that their little social base is it by fear, not by conviction. That, gentlemen of the Secretariat is the direct way, not to the ' offensive final' with whom they continue being delirious some in the forest, but to the Penal Court the International, where the criminals go military.